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Travelling has become much easier now, as compared to earlier times. Today there are so many facilities available for people who travel. If you wish to travel to any particular place, there are many options available. Furthermore, there are numerous ways to travel from one place to another. An individual can opt to travel by any means, be it by road, through car or bus, be it by train or be it by air. However, in some cases, it is not always possible that every mode of transport shall be available. But, in totality, commuting from one destination to another has become much easier. 
With the ease of travelling, people have also started travelling more nowadays as compared with past years. In addition to this, travel these days has become an integral part of our lives. There are many reasons for a person to travel; majorly we can categorize them into professional and personal. Whether a person travels for personal reasons or for official reasons, it is necessary that he or she thinks of his or her safety first. When a person is travelling officially, it is not possible to take his or her family along, as the travel is being made for work purposes. Thus, it is required that an individual opts for a suitable Individual Travel Insurance for himself or herself. 
Many people opine that health insurance is all that they need. But, if you think that a simple personal insurance policy is enough to protect you from the risks you run when you are traveling alone, you need to think again! What you need is travel insurance for individual. HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) Individual travel insurance protects you against illnesses, thefts and other unexpected occurrences that can impact your plans when you travel alone.
While traveling alone, there has to be something that a person can rely upon in case he or she faces any sort of medical emergency. Individual Travel Insurance Plan from HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) offers an individual the ability to get comprehensive coverage during traveling. This particular plan is available in five different variants, that is, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Asian Region. Each of these variants offer different type of coverage to the individual enrolled under it. Furthermore, its sum insured ranges from USD 25,000 to USD 5, 00,000 and covers people falling in the age group of 6 months to 70 years. And, maximum duration of the trip should be up to 180 days.
Travel insurance has become a necessity for an individual, especially in times when business is growing worldwide and every now and then an individual is sent on official tours, as it is the need of the hour. Today businesses are exploring other markets for their products and services; this in turn results in extensive travelling of an individual, whether it is domestic or international. In either of the cases, an individual must opt for a suitable individual travel insurance plan.
When it comes to insurance, it is of utmost importance that a person opts for that plan, which is most suitable to him or her. As each insurance plan is different from the other, and benefits offered by them also differ from policy to policy. Thus, it is required that an individual reads the policy offer document carefully and understands the benefits being offered. Plus, he or she should be able to identify if the plan or policy is suitable to his or her lifestyle or not. 
There are hundreds of insurance plans and policies available in the market from where an individual can easily choose that one policy or plan that suits him or her most. It is very important that an insurance policy is suitable to an individual, because only then can an individual reap maximum benefits from the plan. Also, with the advent of online insurance, an individual gets to browse through all available options with complete ease. He or she gets ample amount of time to gather all the needed information, through which an individual can educate himself or herself about the different plans and policies available. Furthermore, an individual can also compare different policies through online insurance and get insured instantly. 
HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance) is a joint venture between India’s largest integrated healthcare group, the Apollo Hospitals Group, and Munich Health, Europe’s leading healthcare insurer. It offers different types of health insurance policies for everyone. This in turn, enables an individual to choose an insurance policy, which is most suitable for him or her.  It is important to be aware of the different benefits being offered by any given insurance policy. Only after understanding and gaining complete knowledge about the plan or policy, should an individual opt for purchasing insurance for self, whether it is travel or health. HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) is a standalone health insurer, offering travel, health and accident insurance solutions to the citizens of India.
HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich)’s Individual travel insurance plan offers individual medical insurance and Individual travel protection insurance to cover any medical emergency when you are traveling or to reimburse your travel expenses in case an emergency occurs causing your trip to be cancelled, interrupted or delayed. The benefits include services such as:
  • 24/7 access to medical advice on telephone from anywhere in the world
  • Referrals of medical practitioners and hospitals
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses incurred during hospitalization (wherever possible)
  • Arrangement of compassionate visit of a loved one in case of hospitalization,
and many more…
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