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Travelling in group is complete fun, be it with family or friends. With a group of people, travelling becomes a memorable experience. And, to be safe while you travel, it is best to buy insurance.   Risk of illnesses or accidents always go unnoticed amidst the excitement of travelling. However, we cannot deny the fact it can happen to anyone and anywhere. So, in order to keep yourself safe while you travel it is better to buy travel insurance. And, if you are with a group of people traveling to the same destination, then you can opt for a group travel insurance plan. It would be a good and most economical choice.
Most people take travel insurance as unnecessary and consider at it as expenditure. Instead, they should understand that while travelling a person can only hope to be safe, but cannot ignore the fact that there is a possibility of sudden misfortunes. Thus, to be able to cover up this uncertainty, it is best to opt for group insurance. If every individual of a group buys separate individual travel insurance, it will cost him/her a lot. But with group travel insurance, the cost gets cut down significantly. This makes group insurance a cost effective choice. 
At times a person who is travelling can face problems like delay in checked baggage, missed connection, trip curtailment, etc. due to any given reason. Such problems can be covered easily with the help of travel insurance. And when such things happen while travelling in a group, there are chances of  trip getting spoiled. Thus, to enjoy while you travel, it is best to for group travel insurance. 
A Group travel insurance offers coverage for vacation and trip cancellation, travel interruptions and delays, emergency medical and health expenses, lost baggage and more. Purchasing travel insurance for groups particularly for large groups (20 or more travelers), can result in substantial savings in many cases; this is especially true for groups of students and senior citizens.
While buying any given group travel insurance plan, people of the group must be aware of the kind of coverage is being offered. Along with this, they should also have complete knowledge about the kind of benefits being offered under the travel insurance plan. They should have complete knowledge about the plan they are purchasing, inclusive of its terms and conditions, inclusions as well as exclusions. 
Insurance is an investment one makes for securing their future well being. And, it is advisable to be sure of where your hard-earned money is being invested. Thus, one should read the policy offer document carefully.
Now, insurance companies have also started showcasing insurance plans or products online, thus allowing an individual to see what a health insurance company has to offer him or her. An insurance company not only showcases its product online, but also furnishes all the information about the plan online. This gives people the ability to read about any given policy in detail before actually purchasing it. People can also compare different group travel insurance plans available online. This helps an individual in analyzing different plans and ensures that he or she opts for that plan, which suits him or her best. 
Online availability of health insurance products have smoothed out the entire process of selecting and actually buying a health insurance plan. A person can easily buy insurance online with a few mouse clicks. This has made the entire process of policy issuance much faster and easier. Furthermore, it enables people in getting insured instantly.
HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich)’s Group travel insurance plan aims to make your travel safe and hassle free by guarding your group against all travel and non-travel inconveniences, emergency medical costs incurred in the event of any unforeseen event.
Apart from group travel insurance plan, HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) also offers other travel plans, namely, Individual Plan, Family Plan, Annual Multi Trip Plan and Senior Citizen Plan. All these plans have variants of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Asian Region. However, availability of these variants differs from one plan to another. Like, under Individual Plan, all five variants are available, but under a Family Plan, only Silver, Bronze and Asian Region are available. Similarly, under annual Multi Trip Plan, only Platinum, Gold, Silver and Asian Region are available. And, when it comes to Senior Citizens Plan, only two variants, Silver and Bronze are available. 
Apart from variants, the sum insured for different travel plans are different. For Individual Plan, the sum insured ranges from USD 25,000 to USD 5, 00,000 and for a Family Plan; it ranges between USD 25,000 to USD 1, 00,000. And for Annual Multi Trip plan, the sum insured ranges from USD 25,000 to USD 5, 00,000. And, the sum insured for senior citizen, ranges from USD 50,000 to 1, 00,000.
Every plan is different from the other in various other ways. This, in turn, makes it crucial to go through the details of any given policy, so that he or she opt for the most suitable one as well as reap maximum benefits from it.
Apollo Munich Health Insurance is a joint venture between India’s largest integrated healthcare group, the Apollo Hospitals Group, and Munich Health, Europe’s leading healthcare insurer. It offers innovative health, travel and accident insurance solutions at an affordable premium. All its plans are designed to cater to ever changing needs of an individual today. 
  • The Apollo Munich’s Group Travel Insurance plans broadly cover:
  • Trip cancellation/ interruption/delay
  • Baggage loss
  • Emergency medical/ evacuation/ repatriation
  • No medical tests required up to 70 years of age
And many more…
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