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Do I have to fill the Proposal Form again at the time of renewal?

No, you do not have to fill the Proposal Form again at the time of renewal in case you renew the policy before renewal date or within the grace period of 30 days post the renewal date.

You will require to apply for a fresh policy if you renew the policy beyond the renewal date.

How can I renew my policy online?

You can renew you policy on our website. The website is secure with the latest technology. Just click and follow the steps for renewal.

You can also renew your policy through an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and use the direct payment link. Contact us on our toll free 1800-102-0333 for details.

Please note:

  • Third party payment is not acceptable through online channel.
  • Online renewal will not be allowed in case the policy is in grace period.

How many days prior to policy expiry, can an insured make a payment for renewal?

You can make the payment for renewal prior to 60 days of policy expiry date.

Will my premium change at the time of renewal?

Renewal premium is calculated on the basis of age of the insured as on the renewal date. If the insured moves to a higher age band, renewal premium applicable will be calculated as per the new age band.

Your premium may also change basis an overall increase in premium across the product, any such change will be post approval from the insurance regulator and will be intimidated to you in advance.

We will not change or modify your premium solely because you have made a claim or fallen ill during the policy period.

Is there a grace period available for renewal post the renewal date of the policy?

Yes, you have a grace period of upto 30 days post the renewal date to renew your policy. Any renewal during the grace period will enable you to receive all continuity benefits such as no claim bonus, health checkup benefit or no claim discount as applicable under your policy.

Any renewal post the grace period will require you to apply with a fresh application form and you will lose any benefits accrued under your previous policy.

What are the changes that are allowed only at the time of renewal?

The following changes can be done at the time of policy renewal, subject to submission of all the required documents:

  • Change in Product
  • Change in Product variant
  • Change in Sum Insured
  • Addition of Dependents (Except new born baby and newly married spouse)
  • Deletion of Dependents (In case of death, deletion in midterm of policy is possible)
  • Addition/Deletion of CI Rider in the policy, if applicable.
  • Change in policy term