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Can I cancel my policy immediately after policy is issued? If yes, are there any cancellation charges?

Yes, policy can be cancelled provided no claims have been made under it. The premium will be refunded as per the cancellation grid defined in the Policy Wording.

You may also cancel your policy during the Freelook period i.e. 15 days from receiving your policy kit the first time you purchase a policy from us. In case of Free Look cancellation we will only deduct any medical checkup expenses, service tax etc. incurred on your policy.

Is Free Look Cancellation available at the time of renewal of my policy?

No, Free Look Cancellation is not available at the time of renewal.

In whose favor the premium of policy will be refunded in case of policy cancellation?

Premium refund will always be made in favor of the proposer. In the Employer–Employee case, if the policy is cancelled by the proposer, the premium will be refunded in favor of the premium payer only.

Is it possible to send the premium refund cheque/excess refund cheque at another address?

All premium refunds will be directly credited to the Proposer’s bank account, but in case there is a premium refund/excess refund cheque to be provided, we will provide the same at the registered address. Any change is address will only be done at the written request of the proposer. This request must be submitted at the nearest branch.