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Individuals who do not have a health insurance plan cannot possibly understand the real worth of such a policy until they have fallen ill. The significance of the plan is not only to give policy holders relief from monetary tension at the time of a medical crisis. Such policies also provide the insured individual with peace of mind and therefore help in promoting upkeep of good health. Given the mental satisfaction, that the family’s medical care needs are always taken care of, everyone in the family stays happier.
It gives earning members of the family great comfort to know that the family is well protected even if they are not around. Regardless of whether the primary card member is in town, health insurance plans provide coverage to the dependents thereof. So even when the person is out on tour, he/she can stay at ease knowing that the family can use the mediclaim plan to get any kind of treatment (covered by the policy) without bothering about needing to arrange the money.
There are health insurance plans that are intended to do more than just provide coverage to the person’s family during a spell of bad health. These are policies that actually cover the person when they are fit and just need a medical check-up to sustain their health. Generally most health insurance plans provide an annual health check-up.
The prime aim of such a plan is to make certain that the person is safeguarded from any healthcare troubles. For example, there are policies that cover outpatient healthcare and therefore enable people to stay healthy and keep a watch on their health. Outpatient healthcare covers spectacles, dental check-ups, hearing aids, etc. When a person has a health insurance plan that covers all such facets of healthcare, their health would hardly ever take a backseat.
There are a lot of people who have health insurance, merely for namesake. In other words, people hardly use the plans that they have bought. This happens because of two main reasons:
  • The plan is bought only for tax benefits and therefore the person buying the plan is not aware of the actual benefits of the policy.
  • The policy holder has bought the plan because people around him have insisted but he is not familiar with the terms and conditions of the policy and therefore is unable to get the right benefits of the plans.
Health Insurance plans should be clearly understood. Irrespective of why the plan is bought, a person should know the terms and conditions of the policy well and be able to use the policy with ease. 
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