Abdominal belt
Additional Room charges / bed charges for attendant
Administrative charges
Admission fee
Admission kit
Aesthetic Treatment/ Surgery
Alcohol Swabs charges
Alpha bed/ water bed/ Airbed etc
Ambulance - Transport charges
Ambulatory Devices like Walker/ Crutches / Wheel Chair, etc.,
Anne French charges
Any Expenses when the patient is diagnosed Retro Virus + or suffering from /HIV/ Aids etc is detected
Any Kit with no details mentioned [Delivery kit, Orthokit, Recovery kit, etc]
Apron / Drape / Linen
Arm sling
Attendant / Ayah / Ward boy Charges/Special Attandant charges
Attendant Food/ Attendant Pass charges
Baby charges (unless specifies/indicated)
Baby Food
Baby Set
Baby Utilities charges
Band Aid
Barber charges
Beauty Services
Sterillium \Dettol etc
BIPAP Machine
Birth Certificate
Shaving Blade
Blanket/warmer blanket
Blood Grouping and Cross matching of donors samples
Blood Reservation charges and Ante Natal booking charges
Boyles apparatus charges
Carry bags
Cashless-Processing charges
Cassette and Camera Cover charges
CD / Video cassette
Certificate charges
Clean sheet
Cold pack/hot pack
Collars / Cervical Collar
Conveyance charges
Cost of Spectacles/ Contact Lenses/ Hearing Aids etc.,
Courier charges
Cozy sheet/cozy towel/Spread Sheets/Bed Sheets
CPAP/ CAPD Equipments
Crepe bandage
Daily chart charges
Dental Treatment Expenses that do not require Hospitalisation
Dhoti charges
Diabetic chart charges
Diabetic Foot Wear
Diapers charges
Discharge Procedure charges
Disposable inner Wear charges
Disposables Razors charges
Documentation charges / administrative expenses
Donor Screening charges
Eau-de-cologne / room fresheners
ECG electrodes charges
Electricity charges
Email / internet charges
Entrance Pass / Visitors Pass charges
Establishment charges
Expenses for investigation/ Treatment irrelevant to the disease for which admitted or diagnosed
Expenses related to Prescription on Discharge
Eye Drape
Eye kit
Eye pad
Eye Shield
Fax charges
File opening charges
Food charges
Foot cover
For short GA and Day care Procedures only OT charges and room rent is payable (recovery room charges are not payable)
Non sterile/paper/Rubber Gloves
Glucon-D charges
Goggles charges
Gowns/ Disposables Gowns charges
Guest Services
Health Drinks - Horlicks, Viva Bournvita & Protein Powder including Lactogen
Home Visit Charges
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hospitalisation for Evaluation/ Diagnostic Purpose
House Keeping charges
IM IV Injection charges when Nursing is charged
Incidental Expenses / misc. charges (Not Explained)
Infertility/ Subfertility/ Assisted Conception Procedure
Infusion Pump - Cost
Kidney tray
Knee Braces ( long/ short/ hinged)
Knee immobilizer/shoulder immobilizer
L.S Belt charges
Langoti charges
Laundry charges
Lumbo sacral  belt
Luxury tax
Maintenance charges
Masks charges
Measuring Jars charges
Medical certificate
Medicine Box
Medico legal Charges / MLC charges
Microscope cover
Mineral water
Monitor in OT and ICU should not be charged seperately (inclusive in OT, ICU charges) and are payable in room if indicted/required.
Mortuary charges
Nebulizer Kit
Nutrition planning charges - Dietician charges- Diet charges
Obesity ( Including Morbid Obesity) Treatment
Oils charges
Orthobundle, Gynaec Bundle
Ounce Glass
Outstation Consultant's/ Surgeon's Fees
Oxygen Chambers charges
Oxygen Cylinder (for usage outside the hospital)
Oxygen Mask
Paper gloves
Part Preparation charges
Patient Identification band / Name tag
Pelvic traction belt
Photocopies charges
Preparation charges
Private Nurses Charges- Special Nursing charges (payable only for Kolkata region for hospitilisation period)
Psychiatric & Psychosomatic Disorders
Pulseoxymeter charges
Referral Doctor's Fees
Registration Charges
Rib binder/abdomen binder
Sanitary pad
Screening tests viz. HIV, Hbs AG unless surgical intervention is indicated
Separate baby admission without indication
Service Charges
Shoe cover
Soap, Powder, Shampoo and other toiletries
Sputum cup
Stem Cell Implantation/ Surgery
Surgery for Correction of Eye Sight like Myopia/ Hypermetropia/ Ambliopia/ Presbiopia/ Astigmatism/ Strabismus etc.,
Surgical Drill
TED stockings\ stockings
Telephone Charges
Television & Air Conditioner Charges
Toilet papers
Tooth brush
Tooth paste
TPA charges
Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Under pads
Unsterile Gloves charges
Urine Can
Urometer charges
Vaccine charges for baby
Visco Belt charges
Walking aids charges
Ward and Theatre booking charges
Washing charges
Water charges
Weight Control Programs/ Supplies/ Services
Xerox charges
X-ray film