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What is Mediclaim Premium?
Mediclaim premium or health insurance premium is the sum paid by an insured person to the health insurance company for a particular period of time. The insurance company in return insures the policyholder against loss due to ill health.  
Mediclaim premium is to be paid each time for policy renewal. It is important to pay the mediclaim premium on time and on a regular basis to avail all the benefits offered under the policy. In case one pays the mediclaim premium after the renewal time is over, he will be issued a fresh policy wherein the waiting periods will start all over again and all accumulated benefits will be lost. 
So, in order to continue reaping the benefits of your health insurance plan, one must pay the mediclaim premium regularly as well as on time. 
What does Mediclaim Premium depend on?
The Mediclaim premium depends majorly on the below given points:
  • Customer's health
  • Plan and benefits opted for
  • Customer's age or age of eldest member of the insured group (in case of family floater)  
  • Sum insured limit 
Mediclaim premium amount varies from product to product as well as from company to company. There should be a smart choice while opting these medicliam policies. We would recommend that you compare insurance premium quotes from various insurance companies to learn about different benefits offered under different plans before making your final choice.
In today’s technology savvy world, online premium calculator also helps customers to calculate their premium themselves. To calculate your mediclaim premium Health Insurance Premium now.
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