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Tips for Buying a Mediclaim Policy for Family
Although quality healthcare has become accessible with advancement in technology, but it’s still unaffordable for many.  With health costs increasing at an alarming rate, it is becoming difficult to be able to opt for best in class medical care services. In such a scenario, it is best to opt for a mediclaim policies for family that protects your family against certain medical uncertainties.  
Why to Opt for Mediclaim Family Policy?
It is wise to opt for a mediclaim family policy, as it offers comprehensive health care coverage for your entire family. With a single health care plan, each and every member of the family is covered against health risks. Being covered with a mediclaim family policy also tends to lower ones financial burden, as a result of which, in case of a medical emergency, one does not have to worry about medical care costs. This, in turn offers the much needed peace of mind along with financial assistance, as and when needed.

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Advantages of Mediclaim Policy for Family
  • Much Easier to Manage - Single renewal date that one needs to keep in mind
  • Cost Effective - Single premium amount needs to be paid 
  • Comprehensive Coverage Enjoyed By All Equally - Single sum assured for the entire family. Each and every member is entitled to and can use the entire sum assured as and when the need arises
  • Easy addition of New Family Members - No need to buy a fresh policy for children. A family floater policy covers up to two adults and two children 
  • Tax Benefit - Income tax benefit under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.
How to Choose a Mediclaim Family Policy?
Today, there are many companies in the Indian Insurance market that offer mediclaim policies for family, which could lead to a lot of confusion in the mind of an individual while selecting a policy. Below given are a few pointers that would prove to be helpful in selecting a suitable mediclaim policy for family -:  
  • Know Your Needs - You should know about your health care needs and then match it to the health care coverage options offered by different plan. Doing so will help you in selecting a plan that is capable of catering to your health care needs.
  • Know If You Need Maternity Benefits In Future - In case you are planning to get married, ensure that you select a plan that offers maternity benefits. Also, take note of its waiting period, so that you are able to enjoy the maternity benefits offered by the very plan.
  • Maximum Age Renewability - It is best to buy a plan that offers lifetime renewal benefit. 
  • Look for Coverage for Pre-Existing Diseases - When buying mediclaim family policy, you should always check out the coverage being offered for pre-existing conditions and the waiting period attached to it.
  • Inclusions - It is best to be aware of what all is being included in a policy. There is a list of inclusions offered by each policy, which one should go through before buying the plan.
  • Exclusions - While purchasing a family health care plan, it is important that an individual looks for the list of exclusions. This will help in knowing about what all is not being covered by the policy.
  • Read The Policy - When buying a mediclaim family plan, make sure that you read the policy offer document, as it will help you to understand the policy in detail. Along with this, you will also get to know about the policy terms and conditions. Doing all this will help you dodge any last minute surprises, especially at the time of filing a medical claim.
  • Compare Different Policies - Today, there are numerous websites through which one can compare different polices with one another. By conducting a comparative analysis you are able to select the most suitable health insurance plan.
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