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Medical Insurance Policy is an insurance contract under which your health related hospitalization bills can be claimed from the insurance company. Though the main purpose of medical insurance policies is to provide reimbursement in respect of treatment taken in the hospital/nursing home, the medical policy may also provide reimbursement in respect of domiciliary hospitalization. However, you need to check whether your policy covers the particular expense, whether it is a specific treatment or domiciliary hospitalization.

Different insurance companies have different rules. Some companies require that for a claim to be processed under domiciliary hospitalization some conditions are satisfied, which may be - Medical treatment should be for more than 3 days or - The treatment should be such for an illness/disease/injury which in the normal course would require treatment and care in the hospital/nursing home. The reason for treatment at home may be any – the condition of the patient is such that he/she cannot be moved to the hospital/nursing home or the patient cannot be moved to hospital/nursing home for lack of accommodation there.

Some general features offered by different medical policies are given below, but this does not mean all insurance providers offer them. These are only meant to be a reflection of what you may find in the market when you go out and explore.

  • Reimbursement for hospitalization due to disease/surgery.
  • Reimbursement for domiciliary hospitalization expenses in lieu of hospitalization.
  • Pre Hospitalization expenses up to a limited period such as 30 days.
  • Post Hospitalization expenses up to a limited period such as 60 days.
  • Insurance policies also have age limits: for example a policy may offer cover to people between the ages of 5 years to 80 years. However, there may be a caveat that children between the ages of 3 months to 5 years can be covered provided one or both parents are covered concurrently. Again depends which medical insurance company you approach.
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