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Everyone needs a medical insurance cover and everyone should get one. In case you still don't have one and are keen on shopping around for a cover, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while evaluating different medical insurance providers.

The first thing to note is that the benefit lies in the fact that the younger you are, the lesser the illnesses or sicknesses you have so everything is covered. As you grow older, you will pay a higher premium.

Second thing that the medical insurance brokers will tell you is that when you take a medical insurance policy, your pre-existing illnesses (the illnesses you currently have) are not included. So it is best to take it when you are totally healthy. Some medical insurance providers specify they will not cover obesity related illnesses, expenses related to terrorist acts or war or riots. Expenses arising from HIV or AIDS, use of alcohol or drugs, or a suicide attempt are never covered. Certain ailments like sinusitis, ulcers or cataract may not be covered initially -- say, in the first year or so of the policy. While in the first month or so, nothing may be covered except accidents. So you do need to do due diligence before opting for a policy.

You should also check that your medical insurance provider offers you medical insurance for travel. There is nothing as worrying as the fact that you need medical attention in an alien city or country away from your support base.

Once you have made the investment you can rest easy that you have done all you can to smooth the path through any unforeseen illness or accident, no matter where you are.

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