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Everybody desires to have the best medical care for him/her and his/her family. Above all, it is said that Health is Wealth. Good health is the greatest blessing in life. It paves way for a healthy and happy life. So, it is important to have the quality care, when required. We can remain calm and maintain the peace of our mind, if we are healthy. Good medical care is crucial to enjoy good health.

The above scenario depicts the need of quality medical care in India. Many health insurance companies has emanated out with their motto to provide innovative health and medical care solutions to Indian masses. We at HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance) (a joint venture between the Apollo group of hospitals and Germany based Munich Re's newest business segment, Munich Health) work with the same goal to offer you the best-in-class products. Both these leaders in respective fields have joined hands to achieve the goal of fulfilling health-related needs of Indian citizens.
We have designed our products thoughtfully to cover all the aspects of health related issues that may be faced by an individual or his/her family members during their lifetime. We work with our mission to provide health insurance and wellness solutions to our clients. The aim is to make best healthcare feasible to all income groups. It as attempt to improve the healthcare conditions in the country.
Guided by the team of experts, HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) looks ahead to bring more and more customer friendly products. The objective is “to be the trusted leader in health insurance by providing innovative solutions to citizens of India”. Adhering to our quality policy “to deliver high- quality services to its customers through innovative and expert products, integrity and uncomplicated services”, we bring healthcare solutions keeping at par with their needs.
We at HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) understand the healthcare issues faced by people in the due course. Escalating medical care cost has led to affordability issue. It has made difficult for majority of us to seek quality medical care while in need. So to resolve this problem we have formulated number of affordable healthcare products. They are designed to cater varied medical care needs of masses. Our products, Easy Health, Easy Travel, Personal Accidental, Insure Health, Optima Cash, Maxima, Optima Restore and Optima Senior are all intelligently designed, with customer centric approach. They cover different perspectives of an individual's life. They are available in different variants that provide add-on cover to maternity benefits, pre-hospitalization expenses, with optional critical illness coverage. All our products involver certain innovative features. They make coverage unique and beneficial for customers.
Medical care in India offers best kind of healthcare services even for severe illnesses. It looks after the medical care requirements of people even during the major health mishaps. But to claim its services, an individual is required to shed a major amount from personal savings. This can disturb the person’s planning for the life ahead. So to maintain a balance between the personal savings and expenditure, insurance coverage is best available option. It is the only tool that grants complete healthcare security even against high going treatment expenses.
Health insurance is an agreement wherein the insurance company agrees to compensate for the healthcare expenses up to the limit of sum insured amount. Besides the financial coverage, the policy makes the individual eligible for several other healthcare benefits like outpatient coverage, maternity benefits, day- care procedures, cumulative bonus, family discount and tax benefits (under section 80D of income tax act). In this way, the policies brings best result in return of the premium paid by the customer.
It allow all to claim treatment under medical care India services devoid of any fiscal stress. With peace of mind and sense of security, insured have the liberty to concentrate on healthcare needs than staying occupied with petty issues like monetary constraints. Hence, health insurance is the best available tool so as to deal with the concern of medical bills raised by healthcare need.
When it comes to insurance specifically health insurance, it is imperative to be clear about the kind of plan required. It is essential so as to make the right choice. Here, to avoid confusion and to enable easy understanding of health insurance coverage, HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) explains in simple policy wordings. It allow people to get to know the plan in an uncomplicated way. All the widespread buyers can get familiar with the covered and uncovered benefits of the policy. This simplifies the choice allowing people to pick the plan that best suit the frame of needs. With authentic information readily accessible all can take a look at the policy details. Thereafter, he/she can decide on which plan to buy.
All HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) plans are power packed with several add-on services such as cashless hospitalization and Healthline. They make the insurance coverage complete. We ensure best take care of person’s health while facing any hardship. Insurance coverage is hardly few steps away. Get going with it to secure the future.  


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