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Good health is the most precious blessing in human life. It paves way for a happy and stress free life. But health related challenges poses hardships at times. It makes really difficult for some to manage with the demands. During any healthcare need, it is must for every individual to get the best medical care for himself/herself. It is beyond any doubt that medical treatment costs much and paying huge medical bills for the same causes financial drain. The steep rise in healthcare cost has led to monetary stress. It has raised affordability issue for people. Secondly, this monetary issue in treatment compels people to compromise with poor quality of healthcare. This poses a great threat on the life of people. 

We should never forget that health is the most important asset in our life and a quality medical care should not be compromised. It is the only way that can bring a difference in our lives. One wrong decision or a mere delay can make the person suffer or regret for the life ahead. So, ignoring or delaying the treatment is no solution to any problem. Taking it into account, best medical care should be the right of every human being. Regardless of treatment expenses, everyone should avail the best medical care, for which health insurance plan is the only solution.
Health insurance offers coverage for medical needs arising from an unexpected emergency in the life. The increasing number of diseases, spiraling treatment expenses and changing lifestyle has raised the need of health cover. Majority of people belongs to middle class in our society. Escalating healthcare cost comes as an issue for them. Unable to bear with medical care cost, people end up putting their health on risk by compromising with the quality of treatment. It is to resolve this issue that affordable medical care plans have been formulated. They have been introduced to simplify the life of people of all income level and age. It is the only tool that makes best medical care affordable for sections of society.
Health insurance policy demands an affordable premium in return of the comprehensive services offered. It not only assists during hospitalization but also provides support while in need of healthcare. As per the specific terms, all plans offer required coverage. To know the kind of coverage offered by varied plans, there is a need to go through all the policy details.
Increased cost of healthcare has necessitated the need of affordable health plans. All policy buyers look for a plan that can easily be adjusted in the personal account yet provide complete coverage. Looking into this scenario, there are several new health insurance companies entering into Indian market with their products and services. One of them is HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance). It is a joint venture between The Apollo Group of Hospitals, the largest healthcare group in India and Munich Health, newest business segment of Munich Re. Working as pure health insurance company, we simply concentrate on health need of people.
Our vision to become the first choice partners in positive health and to provide innovative healthcare solutions to every citizen of India has been incorporated in every product. The plans are intelligently designed to fulfill the healthcare needs of every section of society. We try to understand the need of people with the help of regular surveys. Thereafter the products are devised as per the needs. They are designed while keeping the focus on the kind of coverage people require. For instance, it has been viewed that people want to buy a plan that can look after their healthcare needs forever in life. To fulfill this need, we have made the provision of 100% lifelong renewal. It ensure lifetime healthcare that help people seek best medical care as and when required in life. In this way, our products assist people in difficult times.
Our group plan is drafted looking into the requirement of employers to provide health cover to their staff or a group of people. In addition to it, we also provide myriad of facilities and free recommendation services to all our clients.
Our Easy Health Plan is designed to guard an individual against escalating medical costs and to guide him/her on the path of wellness. This plan is to provide the best medical care solutions to individual, family and groups. We direct our customers to manage their and their family health needs right from consultation to hospitalization and post-hospitalization.
Our Personal Accident Plan provides a medical cover to an insured against a situation arising due an accident or any unforeseen mishap
Our Optima Restore plan offer unique coverage by offering first of its kind benefits like Restore benefit and Multiplier benefit. It makes people innovative healthcare coverage under one health plan.
Our Optima Senior is a plan exclusively designed for senior citizens of country. It provide opportunity to old age people to get insured from the health risks during the retirement age.
We even have top up plan like Optima Plus that helps extend the coverage.
Travel insurance is yet another option that provides security from another type of health risk.
With provision of health insurance for individual, family, group and senior, we have option for people of all ages. You can pick the plan that best suits your healthcare needs. Hence, it is easy to seek best medical care without any compromise. 


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