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Health insurance coverage is the amount of financial and medical protection given to a policy holder by an insurance company. It is an agreement between the buyer and the insurance company wherein the insurer promise to provide coverage to the individual during any healthcare need. The extent of coverage provided by a company is stated in its terms and conditions. Insurance coverage can have a narrow perspective or a broader one, depending upon the plan opted for. It differs from policy to policy as they concentrate on different kinds of healthcare needs.
There can be insurance coverage against risk arising from:-
  • Medical - It takes into consideration all the medical treatments that an individual may require during the cover period.
  • Travel - It fulfills the medical needs arising from travel.
  • Accident - It provides medical and financial protection for exigencies arising due to an accident.
There are two types of coverage provided by a health insurance company. These are on:-
  • Cashless Basis - In this case, an insurance company establishes links with certain hospitals (known as network hospitals), which provide treatment to the insured person, up to the sum insured and in return hospital claims the payment from the insurance company and not from the customer. This protects the person from dealing with medical bills. By providing basic details to the hospital, individual can get rid of the procedure of bill payment.
  • Reimbursement Basis - In this case, the patient gets treatment in any registered hospital, for the disease or treatment, which has been covered and then claims for the medical expenses incurred, up to the sum insured. Here, hospitals do not engage themselves in transaction with the insurance company directly.
In both ways, the policy buyer can enjoy financial support up to the limit of sum insured and avail quality treatment without any fiscal stress. Pertaining to personal pocket size, we all buy can health insurance policy. However, while seeking health insurance coverage it is imperative to keep the focus on kind of coverage required.
Policy must be purchased according to the personal healthcare needs. Medical care needs can be aroused due to different illnesses; hence the treatment will also differ. In the like manner, policies are designed taking into consideration all kinds of health contingencies. You will be able to reap maximum benefits out of the policy purchased only if the policy is suitable as per the need. Healthcare products are available in abundance. So as to avoid any confusion while buying the plan one must indulge into extensive research. Thereafter, comparison of policies is also important. Comparison of plans refines the process enabling you to pick the best health cover.
With the provision of lifelong renewal, health insurance coverage can be acquired for whole life. By paying affordable premium on annual basis, one can get secured from health uncertainties forever. With this, health insurance coverage lives up to promise of serving during the hour of need. Moreover, there are several other benefits that medical insurance plans are comprised of. They all aim at making treatment hassle free and easy for masses.
HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance) takes care of all the above needs of an individual or his/her family as the case may be. Its wide range of healthcare products offers insurance coverage against varied health risks. Keeping its focus on healthcare needs of people, the company has emerged with comprehensive and innovative healthcare products. The company has been growing fast in the market and offers customers the option of purchasing and renewing the policy over the Internet. Having introduced online insurance, the insurer brings in the concept of instant insurance. One can acquire health security in few minutes by making few clicks of mouse. This has uncomplicated medical insurance coverage for the buyers.
Different policies offer different kinds of insurance coverage. Depending upon the plan, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance) products offers coverage for:-
  • Group - It is generally opted by employers for covering their employees against arising health risks.
  • Individual - Here, only an insured person gets the benefits of the policy purchased. He/ she will be entitled to financial coverage and the related insurance benefits.
  • Family - Here, the entire family (an insured, his/her spouse, dependent parents and dependent children) is covered.
  • Senior - It is meant for insurance coverage of senior citizens.
Thus, after looking at your needs, take your time to decide upon the appropriate health insurance coverage required and then buy the plan that fulfills all your requirements. It is better to devote ample time while investing than to regret later. With medical insurance coverage secure your future and enjoy stress free health treatment in times of need.
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