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Insurance benefits are the facilities associated with the purchase of insurance plan. Basically, health insurance is an instrument used by people for hedging future contingent risks associated with health, life and general issues. Insurance benefits help the policy holder in combating losses associated with unexpected exigencies in life.
An insured purchases the insurance policy to hedge against future losses by paying a small periodic amount known as the Premium. Insurance companies guarantee financial reimbursement of the losses incurred by the insured or his/her beneficiary. This is the most sought after Insurance benefit.
However, an insurance cover is not only about financial coverage. It is comprised of several other insurance benefits that it will weave along. Today, every plan feature several insurance benefits to make the health insurance coverage beneficial for the buyers. For instance, there are benefits like 
Cashless Hospitalization - This is the most appreciated benefits by customers. It entitles the insured or the covered members to avail treatment on cashless basis in network hospitals. This makes healthcare accessible in a reputed hospital of the city without any financial stress.
Critical Illness Coverage - It is an additional benefits that makes policy coverage complete. It comes optional with policy giving you the option to get yourself insured against major health ailments.
Inpatient Coverage - It covers the insured against expenses incurred during inpatient procedures like pre and post- hospitalization.
Out-patient Coverage - With out-patient coverage, the individual gets insured against even small illnesses that generally does not require hospitalization.
Portability - It allows the insured to get his/ her coverage transferred from one insurer to the other.
Tax Benefits - Under health insurance you can get entitled to tax benefits under section 80D of Income Tax Act.
Besides, this there are various benefits like family discounts, no-claim bonus and reduction in waiting period for getting the policy for specific time period. In this way, there is a long list of insurance benefits that a health policy weaves along. But it is important to remember that all these insurance benefits differ from policy to policy.
Although health insurance policies are meant to secure you against health risks but they all provide coverage according to the kind of health risk. As there are different kinds of illnesses, they require medical care accordingly. So to fulfill the specific needs of the customers, policies have been designed considering all kinds of health risks. Pertaining to this fact, healthcare products involve insurance benefits that will suit the insured in a particular situation. It is therefore extremely important to study all the listed features and benefits thoroughly.
All insurance benefits vary from policy to policy. To ensure best returns while in need of it, every buyer comparing the benefits, one can decide which policy can offer best coverage with maximum benefits yet taking care of all the healthcare needs.
While thinking about finding the best health cover for self, one need not get anxious. With the passage of time, more and more insurance companies are marking a place for themselves in market with a competitive spirit. Every company is trying to provide cover to maximum number of customers by offering more and more innovative insurance benefits.
One of such emerging company is HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance). It is a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals, India's largest healthcare group and Munich Health, new business segment of Munich Re in Germany. We, with our vision to provide innovative healthcare solutions, offer an array of flexible healthcare plans to our customers. People can find the health insurance policy as per the need. Formulated with an aim to make quality treatment accessible to all, policies are customer friendly to suit people with different healthcare needs.
Our philosophy of ‘Let’s Uncomplicate’ is power packed by each and every product with the aim to provide healthy living to our customers. Each plan comes with a wide range of health insurance benefits, subject to terms and conditions of the plan opted. In simple policy wordings, the plans and all the related features are easy to understand.
Many of them cover pre and post-hospitalization charges incurred during emergency, enlisted medical treatment and surgeries, transportation charges, accidental loss and many others. They all provide comprehensive coverage at affordable cost. It has made health insurance simple and well in reach for people of varied income groups.
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