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Health coverage is must for each and every individual. It is your main liability to manage your family needs and to fulfill all their necessities. One of such requirements is health insurance for all the members. Every person wants that the family needs should be fulfilled within budget. Likewise, the requirement for health cover shifts to cheap family insurance.
Since the last decade, there are large numbers of public and private health insurance companies turning up in market to provide the required health cover to Indian citizens. They have emerged with their different plans and products, each of which has something unique. There are individual, family and group health insurance plans to satisfy the requirements of quality healthcare solutions.
All individual differ from each other in terms of healthcare needs. So to choose the health plan that can satisfy maximum of healthcare needs, it is first important to look into the kind of coverage the individual is looking for. The individual will be able to enjoy maximum benefits only if the chosen plan is best suitable as per the needs. The features like age of the individual to be insured, present health status and number of members to be covered, are amongst the crucial ones that the buyer needs to ponder upon. Before finalizing any health plan, it is essential to acquire a clear idea about all such features involved.
Wide range of medical insurance plans are available in Indian Health Insurance market. They all offer option to all to choose as per the need. But before that it is important to understand the difference between the kind of coverage plans offer. For instance, Group Insurance plan covers the health needs of a group of people. It may be a group of employees or a group of members of some organization. An Individual Health Insurance plan covers financial coverage at the time of medical exigencies. Family Health Insurance plan provides the health cover to an insured and to all his/her family members (including his/her spouse, his/her dependent parents, his/her dependent children). Senior Health Insurance will look after the healthcare needs of senior citizens.  
With the individual health insurance plan, affordability becomes an issue, which curbs down with family health insurance plans, as it offer coverage to all family members under the single plan. Therefore, these plans came to be known as cheap family insurance plans. The escalating healthcare expenses has generated the need of cheap insurance policies. They are easy to buy resolving the issue of affordability. Not only they unburden the person from the burden of high going healthcare expenditure but also provide total health security. It will provide the person with complete coverage. By making a reasonable investment, each one of us can enjoy wide ranging benefits as per the specific healthcare needs.
A cheap family insurance plan will secure all member of the family in one health cover. This will allow the person to get his/her dear ones secured at affordable cost. A family health plan covers self, spouse, dependent parents and dependent children. At the expense of single insurance premium, it entitle all the covered members to enjoy best treatment without any fiscal trouble. It addition it help the individual to provide his/ her family members a secured future. In case of any healthcare need, the person will be in no difficult situation. With the financial coverage offered by the policy, the person can claim insurance benefits as and when required. Beyond the financial assistance, the policy also entitles the insured to various benefits. But to reap maximum benefits out of the policy purchased, it is important to read all the policy details.
Looking into the mind of changing market dynamic and varied needs of the target market, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance) has entered into the Indian health insurance market. 
We, at HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich), have carefully designed each of our product to offer broad coverage to an individual’s health needs. Our cheap family insurance plan provides cover to all the family members of an insured. In addition to it, we also provide some value added services to our clients to shift the paradigm from 'curative' to 'preventive', so that our clients can be aware of their health issues at the earliest. All our policies comes with a promise of lifelong renewal and cashless access in around 4000 hospitals in over 800 cities. This ventilates the tension of medical bills completely. The individual can access quality treatment on cashless basis. This paves way for the individual to take good care of personal well being and thus enjoy a healthy future. On the other hand, 100% lifelong renewal gives a guarantee of coverage for whole life. Taking the coverage of plan of choice, all of us can get secured for lifetime and hence make the claim in times of need.
In this way, cheap family insurance is of true benefit for all. It provides an escape from expensive treatment cost. Besides that, the insurance coverage gives mental relief to people allowing to concentrate on personal health than taking stress for treatment expenditure.

Family health insurance plans from HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich):
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