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Health is an asset. We are happy, only if we are healthy. But the increased healthcare cost stands as a huge impediment. It hinders the path of the individual in taking good care of personal health. Hence, here arises a need of an adequate health cover. It is something that can bring best healthcare well in reach of all. Giving an option of affordable premium instead of bearing high medical care cost, health insurance makes the medical care journey simple. So, in order to provide you medical protection, there are different types of insurance policies to lend you the helping hand in need.
People in general consider investment in health insurance as an additional expenditure. Instead of widely available health insurance information, people still prefer paying for the medical bills from one’s own pocket. However, the fact remains absolutely opposite of this. Health insurance policy is easy on pocket allowing people to get insured while taking care of one’s pocket size. Also, health insurance coverage is available in different forms. Different types of insurance policies have been formulated by insurance companies. They feature varied benefits as per the kind of illness covered.
Considering the affordability issue faced by people, insurance products are designed at reasonable premium cost. Framed in different sum insured options, they allow people of all income groups to buy the plan that can easily fit into the budget frame. Choosing the plan according to the pocket size all can get insured devoid of any hassle. Even at reasonable premium, policies offer long list of benefits. They ensure best coverage as and when required. 
Besides, premium there are various crucial features in a policy. There are several different types of insurance policies available for health security. Health risks can arouse due to different circumstances. One happens to face various circumstances in life. They can generate varied healthcare situations. Treatments are not always planned. They might come up due to unexpected circumstances. So, to meet the respective healthcare needs, it is must for all to buy a suitable health cover. In this regard, various products have been designed in health insurance sector. They can be categorized as:-
  • Health Insurance - It provides insurance canopy to meet healthcare needs aroused due to some illness and in case of hospitalization.
  • Travel Insurance - This plan will look after healthcare needs aroused during the travel or a journey undertaken by the insured. It protects the person from the risks of health mishaps that exists in travelling.
  • Accident Insurance - It offers insurance coverage to meet healthcare expense incurred during the treatment of injuries caused due to an accident. The plan insures health safety to the policy holder if and when happened to face any accidental mishap.                            
All such options in health insurance provide wide range of choice to buyers. People can choose the plan that can meet their healthcare needs as per the requirement. However, it is to be kept in notice that the coverage limit will depend on the sum insured chosen. Higher sum insured options will obviously ensure maximum coverage. So, all the related details must be studied before finalizing any plan. 
Amidst all such types of insurance policies, one must pick the plan that can promise comprehensive coverage. Also, to mention, policies have variety in terms of Individual, Family, Group and Senior Health Insurance. This list of options enable people to get not only self but also their dear ones insured. In this way, people of ages can get access to best healthcare without any hassle. 
Uncomplicating it for citizens of India, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance), a leader in the insurance sector, has turned up in market with various types of insurance policies to satisfy your needs at different situations of life. Our plans are customized to suit your requirement. They are tailor made to ensure the insurance coverage as per the need. 
HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) brings for you an array of highly flexible plans to fit your health care preferences. The health insurance products cover accident risk, inpatient hospitalization, global travel and several benefits for individual, family and corporate. An individual can choose either a long-term or short-term type of health insurance policies, depending upon his needs and budget. Our rates are most affordable. 
Easy Health Plan, a unique type of health insurance policy, is planned looking into the needs of individuals and families. This comprehensive plan is available in three variants: Standard, Premium and Exclusive. All these three variants come with different coverage limits. Moreover, the policy can acquire as Individual as well as in the form of a Family health cover. 
Personal Accident plan covers all health related risk arising, during a risk period, from an accident or unexpected mishap. Thus, an insured can expect medical protection in case of accidental emergency.
Easy Travel plan offers health cover to risks arising while traveling. It offers various medical benefits to insured passengers, subject to terms and conditions.
Insure health, Optima Cash and Maxima are the other wide coverage policies. These plans have their own benefits, as per the situation and the company norms.
Optima Senior is a plan that is exclusively designed for the people of age 61 years and above. It aims at securing the health of the senior citizens of country. 
Optima Restore - An unbelievable health plan includes first of its kind benefits to make your health insurance coverage unique.
Therefore, ample variety is available in health insurance sector. They have medical care easy and hassle. So make your choice now to enjoy stress free healthcare in future. 
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