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Policy coverage is the extent of medical protection given to a policy holder by an insurance company. As the insurance policies differ from each other, the coverage limit will also vary. The extent of policy coverage provided by a company is stated in its policy wordings. Insurance coverage may have a narrow prospective or a broader one, depending upon the plan selected.
There are two basis of providing policy coverage for policy holders. These are:-
  1. Cashless Basis - In this case, an insurance company establishes links with certain specified hospitals in order to provide treatment to an insured, up to the sum assured and in return, hospital claims the payment from the insurance company and not from the customer. This facility is mainly for inpatient treatment and not for outpatient. This keeps the insured away from the tension of medical bill payment. It provides access to cashless treatment.
  2. Reimbursement Basis - In this case, the patient gets treatment in any registered hospital, for the disease or treatment, which has been covered and then claim for the medical expenses incurred, up to the sum insured. Here, a hospital has nothing to do with an insurance company. Having paid the bill during the treatment, the insured can raise the claim later from the insurance company. 
Besides this, the policy coverage also varies on other grounds. Depending upon the plan, health insurance policy coverage can be for:-
  1. Individuals - Under this plan, only an insured individual avail the benefits of the policy purchased. The policy entitles the insured individual to the said benefits. 
  2. Family - This plan provides cover to an entire family (an insured, his/her spouse, dependent parents and dependent children). At the cost of single premium, one family health cover provides protection to all family members. 
  3. Group - It is generally opted by employers for covering their employees against health-related risks. In a single policy, a certain number of people can get insured. 
Likewise, there can be health insurance coverage against risk arising from:
  1. Travel - It is to meet the medical needs of a policy holder that he/she may incur while traveling to any part of the world.
  2. Accident - It provides medical coverage for exigencies arising due to an accident.
  3. Health - The policy coverage is against any illness or ailment that might also cause hospitalization. 
In this way, health insurance coverage depends on the health condition of the individual. The choice will thus differ from person to person or from family to family. On the basis of all the above mentioned crucial parameters, policy coverage will differ to a great extent. 
As per the policy variant also the policy coverage will vary. Higher the sum insured, maximum will be the coverage offered by the plan. You can choose the sum insured according to the personal pocket size and the need. Personal health status and the related need must be the concern for all. Keeping that in mind the choice of the health cover must be made. 
Policy coverage is also affected by the feature like deductibles, exclusions, copayment and sub- limit. All these must be checked before making any final decision. There might be numerous health plans available in health insurance market but they all have varied services to offer. Thus, close study to all of them is extremely important. Pertaining to personal medical care needs, the search must be channelized and chosen. The best way to pick the most suitable one is to compare the plans. It will assist in short listing the plan that can offer comprehensive coverage. 
Hence, look into your requirements, decide upon the coverage required and then buy the policy that meets all your needs. HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) takes into consideration all the above mentioned means of policy coverage. Giving access to all such modes, it has made health insurance coverage simple for all. 
As we all know that healthcare industry has witnessed several changes with technological advancement. Latest medical equipments, several new treatment procedures have resulted in medical care cost going high. It has gone beyond the reach of many people making it difficult to access quality healthcare. This has generated a huge gap between best treatment and pocket size of people. For a middle class layman, it becomes a critical situation when he falls prey to any health exigency. The urgent need of appropriate treatment and the lack of funds make the situation really difficult. It puts the person in a dilemma. This leaves no other option than either compromising in the quality of treatment or arranging for funds. In either ways, individual suffers in one way or the other. To annihilate this issue, health insurance has emerged as the most affordable solution. It is the only tool that provides monetary coverage to the policy buyer. With the financial help, medical care becomes easy and smooth. 
Insurance today is equipped with several beneficial services. The feature of 100% lifelong renewal offered by HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) is to help extend the policy coverage for whole life. Once insured, the person can extend the coverage for life ahead. It ensures health safety forever. As and when required the policy holder can claim the insurance coverage and go ahead with the healthcare. It initiates the person to look after personal health in a much better way.
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