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Insurance policy is a contract document that clearly describes the terms and conditions, benefits, coverage limit, deductions, exclusions and the related information. It is a legal document in which all possible paper work is mentioned. The papers of insurance policies is said to be the backbone of contract between an insured and an insurance company.
In this insurance contract the insurance company promise to provide coverage to the buyer in specific situations. A health insurance policy ensures health safety to the individual. Once insured, the person can claim the coverage and benefits while facing any critical condition in regard to healthcare. During an illness, one of the major concerns for people is the treatment cost. People get worried about the medical bills. Having the coverage of an insurance policy, the individual can seek quality medical care devoid of any fiscal stress. The policy entitles the insured to listed policy benefits. 
Insurance is nothing else but a way to secure future. It is an investment that pays back in future. So, while searching for a health insurance policies it is required to pay attention to the policy you choose. The decision must be made prudently. It will affect the kind of coverage you receive at the time of need. An insurance policy involves several different features. It thus differs from the other available options. So to understand the covered and uncovered benefits of the policy, reading of all the details is important. 
When it comes to policy details today you need not get worried. Insurance portals make it easy for you. Readily available sites provide you with all the related information. This gives access to all the relevant information that is essential before making any decision. Readily accessible insurance sites provide all details like policy quotes, premium amount, renewal process, claim procedure, other included benefits and features. They make the process much less time consuming. With this access to online facility your ID no. is sufficient for the explanation of all the related details. People prefer to have soft copy of these policies. Due to this changing trend, many companies have started their buy online and online renewal feature. One of such companies is HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance), which was previously known by the name of Apollo DKV Health Insurance Company.
We launched our buy online feature to help clients to purchase insurance policies at their convenience. The online renewal is designed to help you renew your insurance policy anytime and anywhere. We offer you various plans and products to fulfill your requirement. Our Easy Health plan is available for individual and family. There are three variants in this plan: Standard, Premium and Exclusive, each of which has their own coverage limit and benefits.
The Personal Accident plan provides cover for health-related risk arising due to an accident or any unexpected mishap during risk period. It assists the insured to seek best healthcare to recover from the injuries caused due to an accident. There is coverage for instances like accidental death, permanent or partial disablement and other such related coverage features. The plan is affordable being framed in two policy variants. 
In the same way, the Easy Travel plan is available to provide coverage against health-related risks arising while traveling. The plan looks after your healthcare needs or any such related exigency when the person is travelling. The plan is aimed at making the travel or the journey of the person smooth and hassle free as far as healthcare is concerned. 
Apart from this, health insurance policies that provide extensive coverage are Insure Health and Maxima. Each of the above mentioned plans are intelligently designed to provide you required health cover. The benefits and facilities vary from plan to plan. They are designed to extend the insurance coverage making it complete for the insured. 
To add on to this list, Optima Restore and Optima Senior are two other recently launched plans. Introduced under the banner of “Unbelievable”, Optima Restore is the most unique plan in health insurance industry. Inclusive of several unique healthcare benefits, this plan offers comprehensive yet beneficial health insurance coverage. At no additional cost, the plan offers most innovative features for the benefit of customers. On the other hand, Optima Senior is a plan exclusively designed for senior citizens of the country. In this way, we have provision for healthcare coverage for people of all ages and income groups. At affordable cost all can acquire security with promise of quality treatment. This ensure best healthcare devoid of any monetary strain. 
However, in this pool of policies, it is strictly advised to keep personal healthcare needs in mind before making any final decision. While selecting the insurance policy, the buyer must make sure that he/ she chooses the plan that can fulfill maximum of his/ her healthcare needs. The plan should be able to provide appropriate coverage right at the time of need. Pertaining to the fact that there are varied health risks and illnesses, insurance products are framed accordingly. They are inclusive of several different features and benefits. Also every insurance buyer is suggested to buy the insurance policy that can be renewed. It will give the option of extending the coverage forever. We, at HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) offer the provision of 100% lifelong renewal that ensure lifelong health security. So, claim extended coverage with such beneficial features in health insurance. 
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