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When you are slated to go abroad for the first time, whether for business purposes, or a family vacation, you would generally be too excited to think about travel insurance. Where does one have time to spare to think about travel insurance, especially if one is off on a personal tour? The fact that you are spending loads of money on the ticket, and the stay at the destination keeps your mind preoccupied. 
Having travel insurance when one is out on a trip is crucial, especially if the person is paying for it from their hard earned money. Sometimes there are travel insurance plans that are specifically designed to give people protection overseas but only at certain destinations. These policies become null and void if the person visits a place not covered by the plan. 
When traveling overseas for the first time, you would seldom be able to think of the kind of perils that might crop up during your travel. Dealing with problems in a new place, where you know nothing, is tough. In addition, the amount of money needed to handle problems is much more than within the country. Generally if you know someone who has been to the same place, you would ask them about the kind of costs, and other things about the place. But when you know absolutely nothing, you tend to rely on the Internet, magazines, travel journals, etc. for information about the destination. 
Either way, you are sure to find that the expenses needed for a simple medical emergency is quite high. This is where people need to know their travel insurance coverage. There would be certain aspects of the trip that might not be covered by the travel insurance policy that the person has. Even when you have a travel insurance plan, unless you are familiar with the terms of the policy, you would not be able to use the plan rightly. 
Sometimes, there are exceptions to the coverage. For instance, there may be adventure sports that the policy holder participates in, but any injuries sustained due to it might not be covered by the travel plan. Understanding the policy only takes a little bit of patience. 
The Easy Travel Policy covers people for a number of medical and non-medical troubles. The plan is designed such that regardless of whether it is the first time you are traveling or the infinite time, you would be able to deal with any kind of trouble with ease. The coverage of the plan includes:-
  • Medical counsel on telephone, when travelling
  • Emergency cash advance
  • Help with monitoring of medical condition at the time of hospitalization
  • Emergency travel service assistance
  • Medical expenses incurred during hospitalization 
  • Lost luggage assistance
  • Lost passport assistance 
Apart from the above list, policy holders can also get pre-trip information to be able to plan the trip well. For first time travelers this is a very beneficial service. There is no need for them to search for information related to the destination. The Easy Travel Plan also gives reference for:-
  • Embassy 
  • Interpreter 
  • Healthcare services provider
For policy holders, arrangements can also be made for:-
  • Hospital admission arrangement
  • Appointments with local doctors
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Emergency medical repatriation
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Compassionate visit
There are a number of benefits of travel insurance and therefore every traveler should have a plan before the set out on their trip. There is no telling what might happen while traveling - the flight may get delayed, the baggage may be lost, there may be an accident, etc. A good travel insurance policy would sustain people from economic glitches faced during all such times. 
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