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Most people love traveling. It is quite exciting to see and explore new places. When a person plans for a trip, whether it is a vacation or a business trip, he/she tries to gather all the information about the place they are going to. Accommodation, cuisine, tourist areas, etc, are some of the common areas of interest. Besides this, one should also try to make his/her travel safe from any sort of difficulty. This can be done by buying travel insurance, which will ensure that travelers travel fearlessly.
These products are designed to remove inconveniences that a person might face during his/her journey. An individual can face different types of troubles and the costs of tackling these troubles have risen extremely. It is not easy to afford these expenses. Thus, travel insurance comes into the picture. There are several such products available in the market. Some offer coverage for domestic travel while others offer cover for international travel. One might choose a plan as per his/her needs. These products are mainly helpful in avoiding the medical difficulties that a person faces in a foreign land.
Many people believe that it is better to put aside the money for emergencies encountered on the trip than to invest it in travel insurance. On the contrary, travel insurance is far more helpful than carrying the money overseas. On the other hand, the cost of living varies from one country to another. The money saved might not be enough to cope with a problem that an individual faces while on a trip abroad. At the same time, the amount paid toward travel insurance is very less as compared to the coverage offered.
A few of these products offer coverage only to medical problems while others offer cover to both medical and  non-medical problems, which may be loss of baggage, loss of passport, etc. One such plan that offers coverage for both kinds of problems is Easy Travel.
This plan offers an extensive range of benefits to its customers. An insured gets the option of availing healthcare guidance and tips while travelling (on telephone). It also covers arrangement for hospital emergency medical evacuations, admission of the insured, appointments with local doctors, emergency medical repatriation, and many other such emergency requirements. This travel health insurance policy also allows the policy holder to avail of emergency cash advance services.
Therefore, it takes care of the probable medical problems that an insured individual may run into while on the trip. There are also numerous non-medical problems that are included under the coverage of this plan. Apollo Munich makes sure that customers are protected in all aspects of the trip - right from flight delays and baggage or passport loss to medical problems. Easy Travel also has special plans for those traveling to various parts of Asia (with the exclusion of Japan).
Apollo Munich offers 4 major coverage plans under Easy Travel to suit customer needs:-
  • Easy Travel - Individual
  • Easy Travel - Annual Multi-Trip
  • Easy Travel - Family
  • Easy Travel - Senior Citizen
The plans are further divided into variants.
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