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When you are planning to travel overseas - whether it's a business trip, just a fun family holiday or an around-the-world adventure, you should plan for a good travel insurance plan. The trip could bring some unpleasant surprises. Statistics show the number of people who get into various kinds of problems while traveling. But people should remember that the person should have a policy that covers them accurately. The policy that a person buys should provide security to the individual when they are at a new place.
Understanding what a person is covered for is as crucial as buying the policy before leaving for the trip. Since the expenses in all countries are not the same, there are different kinds of travel insurance plans. The Easy Travel Plan provides people the option of selecting travel insurance for:
  • Asia Region
  • Worldwide
  • Worldwide - excluding USA and Canada
All travel insurance would provide certain basic aspects of the trip. These generally include:
  • Overseas Medical Care Expenses - The amount that a person would be covered for would be dependent on the policy they opt for. If the individual has any pre-existing condition, the insurance provider should be notified before buying the plan, lest the plan becomes void.
  • Emergency Medical Assistance Abroad - There may be times when the policy holder does not need any expenses paid, but simply needs a bit of guidance regarding healthcare. The insurance policy would have some provision to ensure that the insured person can get the needed medical care with ease.
  • Luggage Loss - If the policy holder loses his/her baggage while en-route, the travel insurance would cover the loss.  Often the person could lose valuable items with the luggage. The fiscal blow caused by this is avoided thanks to the cover.
  • Delay of Checked-in Luggage - If while traveling, the arrival of the luggage (checked-in) is delayed, then the policy holder is covered for the expenses involved in compensating the same.
  • Personal Liability - If the policy holder has an accident, the damages may be covered by the policy.
  • Cancellation Fees - The benefit covers the policy holder in case the flight is cancelled due to one or other reason listed in the policy wordings, the travel insurance would cover the cancellation charges.
  • Trip Delay - If the flight gets delayed, then any other expenses that the policy holder cannot recover (and has already paid for), would be reimbursed.
  • Hijacking - The Easy Travel Plan provides a ‘Hijack Daily Allowance’ for victims of a plane hijack while on the trip.
There are many other benefits that are provided along with the above mentioned list. There are certain benefits that may be specific to one particular kind of travel insurance variant. There are also medical helplines and assistance services provided to the policy holder.
People should make sure that the person is able to get the right kind of travel insurance benefits by reading the policy wordings before buying the plan. Any clarifications about the policy should be done so that there is no confusion when the person is traveling. Regardless of why you travel, travel insurance is always a good precaution. 
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