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There are many times when your parents might want to go overseas to explore the world or maybe to meet some relatives. The problems that are likely to come their way would naturally make you jittery of letting your loved ones go to a foreign nation. But what if there is a way out? What if you can make certain that regardless of the problem they face, they would be taken care of?
There are travel insurance solutions that are available for senior citizens so that they do not have to deal with difficulties overseas. The travel insurance plan would provide coverage for the aged person such that they are secure from medical and non-medical problems.
The range of Easy Travel Plans is designed to provide security from all kinds of perils that are likely to be faced by them when traveling. The expense of living overseas is far higher than within the country. This would mean that individuals can lose a lot of money when trying to cope with the distress. This problem becomes much worse if the person is elderly. One might have to run helter-skelter to be able to resolve many problems. The Easy Travel - Senior Citizen Plan is specially designed to enable elderly people to travel at ease. The policy has been designed to facilitate people in the age group of 71-80 to tackle all sorts of troubles.
Since reading and understanding the policy makes it easier for people to use the needed plan, Apollo Munich makes sure that all the plans are written in straightforward language. This makes it easy for everyone, regardless of age or experience in the field, to understand the policy.
The plan ensures that every policy holder is well safeguarded from any kind of travel problem that might arise. The Easy Travel Policy covers medical and non-medical emergencies that might arise while the person is out on a trip. Problems like passport loss, baggage misplacement, flight delays and cancellations, etc. are all covered by this travel insurance policy which is specially designed for senior citizens.
There are two variants of the Easy Travel Policy for Senior Citizens:
  • Silver
  • Bronze
The Silver Variant provides the senior citizens with a cover amount of USD 1, 00,000. The Bronze Variant offers an amount of USD 50,000. This travel insurance policy for senior citizens consists of medical care advice and guidance over the telephone for the policy holder while he or she is traveling.
The policy also provides arrangement for hospitalization of the person, assistance in getting appointments with local doctors, and quite a lot of other such exigency necessities. Senior citizens can also get emergency advance cash facilities while traveling. The Easy Travel Policy also provides coverage for emergency medical evacuations and repatriation.
So, now when your parents want to set out to see the world, there is no need for you to worry. You can easily buy them a travel insurance policy and relax knowing that they would be taken care of regardless of the difficulty they come across.
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