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It is beyond doubt that quality medical treatment is not easily affordable. It becomes difficult for people to pay off their long hospitalization bills, when they meet an unforeseen event that brings health issues to the forefront. In many cases, it has been seen that families have to face financial hardships at the time of paying their medical bills. Therefore, the rising medical cost is becoming a factor of concern.  If the same continues, quality medical treatment would be out of the reach of majority of the people in India. It is not only that people would be deprived of quality medical care, but the expertise of medical experts and their discoveries for better treatment of diseases will also be in vain.
Before it becomes a grave problem, people should be made aware of health or medical insurance that could offer them relief. It is a unique tool that maintains the balance between quality healthcare and the budget, thus making medical treatment easy for insured individuals. Medical insurance offers financial coverage against medical contigencies, along with a peace of mind such that one can enjoy life without any medical anxiety.
These products offer a lot of facilities and benefits to people. One of the most popular of all facilities is that of cashless hospitalization, that gives the insured access to any network hospital and seek inpatient treatment on cashless basis. An insurer settles the medical bills on behalf of the insured. The only point that the insured should have in his/her mind is that this facility can only be used in network hospitals. These are the hospitals, with which an insurer has tied up to make medical treatment easier for its customers.
The biggest benefit of this facility is that the insured has neither to settle medical bills in the hospital, nor has to get involved in the claim process. Cashless hospitalization has made medical treatment affordable and accessible.
If the insured undergoes treatment for covered peril in non-network hospital, he/she has to pay for the medical bills on his/her own. These bills can later be raised for reimbursement from the insurer. The insured should be aware of the claims process and days limit to file the claim so that the intimation to the insurer can be made within the time limit.
Besides this, there are many health insurance benefits that have given a sigh of relief to insured individuals and their families. 
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