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There are times when the individual cannot afford the most basic necessities of life. This becomes a big problem for the earning members of the family. In recent times, even with both parents working, it sometimes becomes difficult to cope with day-to-day expenses. A lot of people think that there is hardly anything that can be done when a person needs to get treatment and cannot afford it. Most people put forth solutions that are related to sacrificing certain ambitions, dreams or requisites.

However, this is not really needed. Mediclaim can easily enable people to get the needed financial assistance to be able to deal with the monetary strain at the time of a medical crisis. Although the idea of insurance in India is still budding, it is making medical care accessibility much easier. When an individual buys a mediclaim plan, he/she just has to use the policy to get the requisite medical attention.

There are 2 main ways in which the policy can be used:

  • The policy holder can fund the treatment and then get the amount reimbursed from the insurance provider thereafter.
  • The policy holder can use the cashless treatment option and get the needed medical care without paying for it.

People can use the plan after getting the treatment to cope with healthcare costs. However, the policy holder has to pay for the treatment first. Once the bills have been paid, certain forms have to be filled out and then a claim can be filed with the insurance provider. The company reimburses the claimed amount in accordance with the policy terms and conditions. The financial strain, in this case, can only be avoided after the claim has been made and the reimbursement is given.

On the other hand, with cashless hospitalization the policy holder does not have to pay anything and therefore need not worry about arranging for money for the treatment. This option is only provided at network hospitals. The mediclaim company (or the third party administrator/TPA) forms a network with several hospitals to offer cashless hospitalization. Apollo Munich has over 4000 hospitals in its network. Each of the hospitals then enables insured persons to get medical care without directly paying for the treatment.

The patient has to provide his/her identity proof and certain policy papers. One can also show the ‘Healthcard’, which contains all the policy details. Subsequently the policy holder might have to fill out a few forms. The hospital settles the cost of treatment directly with the insurance provider. Cashless hospitalization is the best sort of healthcare solution that people can use. 

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