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Human life can be unpredictable at times. It is always associated with the factor of uncertainty. This element can bring a good or bad change. Any good change leads to happiness but if it happens to put forth a bad change, life gets affected to a great extent. There may be several reasons for such changes in life. Predominant among them is ‘health’.
There is no doubt that a healthy life leads to a happy and cheerful life. A person in good health can enjoy every bit of his/ her life. It relieves any kind of mental stress allowing him/ her to plan for future. With a relaxed mind people can concentrate on the priorities of life. Hence in this way a healthy person can lead a better life.
Unlike this an unhealthy individual will live occupied with the thoughts of healthcare. Any sickness can affect the health of the person to a great extent. Unless the ailment is cured the person cannot live stress free. Not only does it affect the physical state of the person but also the mental state. In addition to health worries, today the healthcare is a big challenge. The high medical care cost keeps a majority of people devoid of quality healthcare. The expensive treatment cost goes beyond the budget range of many people. Hence people end up compromising with the quality or else borrow or sell off their precious articles in order to meet the expenses. In such cases people face high level risk in terms of health. 
But this critical situation can be avoided with the facilities available. There are a number of policies available in the health insurance sector that can provide a solution to this problem faced by majority of us. Today with ample variety available, it is possible to get the entire family covered under one health insurance plan. 
The health insurance providers have formulated numerous family mediclaim plans. This facility allows the person to get all dependent members to avail of healthcare benefits. A family medical care plan is meant to provide health security to the spouse, dependent children and dependent parents. As compared to individual health insurance, family healthcare plans are highly affordable. At the cost of a single premium all members can avail of the health coverage. It provides a comprehensive canopy to the family resolving the need to buy medical cover separately for all members. 
The primary aim of family health plans is to take care of the healthcare needs of covered members. For every individual it becomes extremely important to satisfy or fulfill the healthcare necessities of his/ her dear ones. Health coverage is one amongst the essential requirements of life. A health crisis can affect the life of anyone to a great extent. When any of our family members face any such situation, we would want them to recover as soon as possible with the best treatment. But the financial constraints curb the quick recovery.  
But today people can get rid of this problem easily. By purchasing a family health plan as per the personal budget, all members of the family can get secured from health related risks. Innumerable such affordable health plans are available. This is an attempt to increase the number of insured people and thus improve health conditions. In doing so it takes care that it resolves all the complications faced by people in the process. The biggest impediment while seeking a healthcare treatment or health cover is that people face affordability issues. The expensive treatment goes beyond their reach and they don’t want to spend much on health insurance. Looking into this matter, insurance providers have emerged with various affordable family medical care plans. They are flexible enough to get adjusted in varied budget sizes. 
An affordable family health cover resolves the affordability issue for all. All the members can acquire the healthcare benefits under the coverage of one medical insurance plan. It is an affordable tool that has been devised to quench the quality medical care need of all. Also there are different kinds of health risks that require specific health coverage. So, plans like travel insurance, accidental insurance and other health insurance plans make sure that all the healthcare needs of people are taken care of as and when required in life. 
One such good family health plan can offer the provision of cashless hospitalization. Under this facility the policy holder or the covered members can enjoy health treatment on cashless basis in any network hospital. The insurer maintains a network with a certain number of hospitals. Acquiring medical care from the listed hospitals, the person can leave the hospital premises without dealing with the hospital bills. But that does not mean that in non- network hospital the person cannot enjoy any healthcare benefit. While seeking treatment in a hospital that is not covered under the network, the insured can avail of the facility of reimbursement from the provider post the treatment. 
Besides this a family mediclaim like Easy Health Family Plan offered by Apollo Munich Health Insurance comes under the affordability bar of people in general. This insurer works with the expertise Apollo Groups of Hospitals, leaders in the healthcare group and Munich Health, the new business segment of Munich Re. They aim at providing the best healthcare solution to people of India. Considering the need to improve health conditions in the country, the company has formulated various innovative health plans. Easy Health family plan is a comprehensive medical insurance plan that is available in three variants: Standard, Exclusive and Premium. It enables people to select the plan as per one’s budget. Also the person can extend this health coverage for a longer period of time by opting for life- long renewal. Hence the health insurance coverage can be acquired in a much simpler and easier way without spending much time
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