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There are very few people who think about medical problems that might arise in the future. While planning for the future, most people only think about enhancing their financial worth by making investments that will earn them high returns. The most popular places where people put their money is in mutual funds, stock market shares, property, etc. But unfortunately, there are very few people who are interested in making an investment in healthcare solutions like mediclaim.                    

During medical emergencies, the money put into other avenues is barely usable. There is generally a limit on how much one can withdraw from such places. There are many times when the investment is designed such that individuals cannot withdraw even a bit of the money before a certain time period has lapsed. None of these investments are ‘wrong’. But given the high cost of healthcare, everyone has to make room for healthcare expenses in their daily budget. This means that people have to be able to get the right amount of money to get treatment as and when needed.

Although people want to be healthy at all times, not many of them want to invest in health. Surveys show that most people would rather make an investment in a savings account than in a medical insurance policy. However, when an individual has to deal with a medical crisis, they should not be wasting time in making financial arrangements for the medical care. The prime focus of the person should be on the medical care of the patient and nothing besides it. This is hardly possible without a mediclaim plan.

The insurance company would pay (either whole or part of the cost) for the medical care undertaken by the insured patient. When a person does not invest in mediclaim, they would have to take a bank loan, or borrow money from friends and family to pay for the medical care. Putting money into a medical insurance policy enables people to secure the money that they have earned. At the same time, such an investment helps in saving tax.

Apart from all these benefits of investing in mediclaim, these policies also offer the option of cashless hospitalization. This means that the policy holder need not spend any money at the time of treatment. This facility is available in over 4000 network hospitals through various Apollo Munich policies. Since health is wealth, investing in mediclaim is the first investment a person should make.

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