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Critical Illnesses are the major health diseases, which have developed fear in the minds of people. It is because the numbers of people dying from these problems are regularly increasing. At the same time, when medical experts are completely engrossed in finding a cure for these diseases, there is an affordability problem faced by people. The use of updated technologies has made treatment of these diseases so costly that these are not easily affordable by most.  A person finds it too difficult to pay off these expenses from their pocket or from savings.
There are many Indian families that have become victims of these rising medical costs, as at the time of medical emergency, a person is left with alternatives such as borrowing money from someone or selling of assets. Either of these decisions may bring financial stress over the family in the long run.  Thus, before a person becomes a victim of these circumstances, it is better to get insured. One should buy health or mediclaim to seek financial assistance against unforeseen medical contigencies.
Along with mediclaim, one should also buy Critical Illness Cover that offers extra protection to the insured and his/her dependents. In case of any serious covered illness, the insured is entitled to a lumpsum payment, as per the terms and conditions of the plan. There are many critical illness riders available in Indian insurance market. A person can either purchase these products or can buy mediclaim plans, which offer it as an additional benefit.
When a person buys it as additional coverage with a pure health insurance product, he/she gets the coverage amount, over and above the treatment amount (maximum up to sum insured). Thus, a person gets extra protection after opting for critical illness cover.  
One such health insurance product that offers Critical Illness Cover as an additional benefit along with it is Easy Health plan. This plan brings along with it a long list of benefits and facilities. One of them is coverage for these diseases. There are eight major covered critical illnesses. These are Stroke, First Heart Attack, Multiple Sclerosis, Paralysis, Coronary Artery Surgery, Major Organ Transplant, Cancer and Kidney Failure.
This plan offers wide coverage to the insured at cost-effective prices. It is always recommended to opt for Critical Illness Cover in order to have better coverage and an access to enjoy life to the fullest. 
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