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Medical insurance products have a crucial role to play in our lives. They have proved to be truly beneficial to people at the time of health emergency. In today’s date where increased medical cost is making healthcare difficult for majority of people, the financial coverage offered by the health insurance plan is a major relief. It helps the person and his/her family to avail best medical care without any financial stress. Besides this, there are several other benefits offered by a mediclaim policy. The insured can thus 
enjoy the wide coverage provided by the policy and sit with peace of mind. It enables the individual to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
A healthy life is the greatest blessing. A healthy person lives life in a much happier way than an unhealthy person. A health insurance policy is a vehicle that assists the policy holder to live life to the fullest. Apart from the monetary assistance there are several other benefits that a medical insurance policy caters. The facility of cashless hospitalization is one value added service that works in the true sense to make healthcare affordable for people. Pertaining to this facility the policy holder can seek inpatient treatment on cashless basis. Devoid of any fiscal anxiety, the insured can avail the treatment from the best hospital of the city. Under this coverage, the treatment expenses up to limit of sum insured, are directly settled by the insurance company.
Keeping the insured away from this procedure the insurer deals with the hospital directly and makes the payment. However this service can be enjoyed only in the network hospitals of the health insurance provider. Every insurance company maintains a network chain with some hospitals. The person availing treatment in the listed hospitals can enjoy the benefit of cashless healthcare. However the person availing treatment in non- network hospital gets the benefit of reimbursement. Hence a mediclaim plan provides complete coverage to the insured.
 In addition the feature of critical illness cover also enriches the plan with wide coverage facility. It is a provision that that provides a lump sum payment in case of any critical ailment. Today a minor health ailment is treated at the cost of huge expenses. Amidst this the major health ailment that may require hospitalization can generate a long list treatment expenses. It is difficult to escape such inevitable circumstances. It may appear suddenly with a burden of medical bills. At this point the hospitalization can bring along unaffordable healthcare expenses. To help people these expenses, critical illness cover is of true relevance. It looks after the person in such cases. By providing a healthcare assistance in such cases the mediclaim plan proves to be of great help to people. Not only it relieves the person from financial stress but also makes arrangement for the best health treatment. It further allows the person to get cured and recover quickly.
While taking a look at various health policies, the person needs to be aware of the features it weaves along. Every health cover differs in terms of the coverage and benefits it provides. They may come under the health insurance category but that does not make them alike. A person may fall into healthcare needs due to different reasons. Hence the insurers have formulated plans that focus on varied health risks. They vary as per the different health mishaps. Considering this fact it is essential for all to choose a plan as per the personal health needs.
Every individual varies when it comes to the personal medical care needs. So it is important to pick a plan keeping a watch on the specific needs. As the plans focus on different health preferences, they include various features. All plans do not offer the same coverage benefits. They differ in the coverage limit offered and other facilities as well. As per the different variants and associated terms and conditions, the policy offer varied healthcare benefits.
Hence it is extremely important to select a plan prudently. A mediclaim can offer wide coverage benefits but the insured will be able to take benefit of it, if and only if the policy suits his/ her health requirements. So you must choose the plan with utmost care and attention.
There are innumerable health insurance plans available in the insurance market. But one must not get diverted by the services the plans are offering. However there is a need to concentrate on personal health needs.
Today wide range of policies available, the individual can not only get self insured but also get his/ her family insured. A variety of family floater plans are available to offer health coverage facility to all family members. A family health insurance provides coverage to the spouse, dependent children and dependent parents of the policy holder. At the cost of single health insurance premium, it takes care of the healthcare needs of all members. In this way the person gets relieved from paying a separate premium for all members and yet avail the best healthcare facilities. Also it gives a peace of mind in regard to the medical treatment of all members as and when required.
A mediclaim plan offers coverage to the policy holder in times of difficulty. Whenever there is requirement of medication, the expenses stand as a huge peril. Apart from the medication expenses, the expense incurred in the form of day- care procedures, pre- hospitalization, post-hospitalization and such, increases the list of bills. It is not easy for all to pay for it as it goes out of the affordability limit for many people. But a mediclaim policy can take care of all such additional expenses. 
There are several medical insurance providers in India who formulate health products as per the need of people. Apollo Munich is one such provider that designs products to offer coverage for both curative and preventive health needs of people. It has equipped all its plans with wide coverage features to provide comprehensive coverage to the covered members. They are well in reach for people of all income groups and thus make quality healthcare feasible for all.
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