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There are many people in India who have become victims of financial stress due to rising medical costs. The people belonging to this pool are of the view that medical expenditure is an encumbrance, as long bills generated at the time of hospitalization are difficult to afford. As a solution to this, medical insurance has emerged to look after all these medical expenses of the insured individual. It makes medical treatment accessible and affordable for the people of India.

Mediclaim health insurance products are designed to offer quality healthcare to insured individuals. These policy holders can go for treatment of covered perils without any financial anxiety. To increase the accessibility of medical treatment, there are several facilities offered by the insurance provider. One of them is Cashless Hospitalization, which allows the insured to visit any network hospital and seek medical treatment on cashless basis. The insurer, who has tied up with a network of hospitals, directly settles medical bills to the hospital, on behalf of the insured.

These products are the right means to maintain the balance between quality healthcare and the wallet. It offers security not only to the insured individual, but also alleviates the anxieties of the family members. Family members need not make financial arrangements in the event of any mishap.

Besides this, market research has proven that it is a policy holder who is able to enjoy a better lifestyle than an uninsured. The reason behind this is that a person is able to live with peace of mind under health cover. An insured seeks quality medical care at the earliest. He/she goes for regular health check-ups, which are helpful in diagnosing any disease, at the earliest. Thus, it is advisable to buy mediclaim health insurance to stay away from all these medical affordability issues.

 There are various sorts of mediclaim health insurance products. People can buy such plans for themselves and/or for their families. Individual coverage offers health cover only to an insured individual. Family insurance can offer cover to an insured, spouse, dependent children and dependent parents.

A person should always opt for a comprehensive product so that he/she can get the maximum coverage. It would help him/her in kicking away obstacles that come in the path of seeking quality medical treatment. So, buy a mediclaim plan today to have better tomorrow.

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