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Life is uncertain. It can change terribly in just fractions of seconds. The next moment can bring fortune to one and miseries for others. In the world of these uncertainties, a person cannot predict the following years of life. However, everybody of us plan out things to the extent we can and wish the things go the same way. We plan out our weekends, our budgets and every other thing that we wish in order to fill our life with ecstasy and prosperity. We save money for a dream plan, a dream holiday but never for medical treatment, which might be required due to sudden mishap.
When a person comes across any sudden mishap or is diagnosed with a major health issue, there are lots of problems faced by the family, besides physical discomfort that a patient faces. One of the biggest problems that family comes across is high medical expenses. These expenses have been multiplied and risen enormously to such an extent that a person feels paying the sum to but also exist a herculean task.   In many cases, it have been seen that a family sells away the precious household assets or borrow money from somebody in order to seek quality medical treatment. These problems not only disturb financial budgets heavily but also the peace of mind. Thus, it is advisable to buy medical insurance plans such that the money saved can be put to better use.
Medical insurance is considered to be the smarter way to deal with medical expenses, as insurance providers offer financial coverage to help insured individuals seek medical treatment without monetary strain. An insurer has brought in numerous such products that are deemed to be useful in seeking quality medical care. A person can invest in these products and can seek coverage, when required.
When a person buys these products, he or she need not have to worry about medical bills. Thus, a person can invest a little amount, so called premium and can take a large number of benefits. The payment of few hundreds or thousands of rupees can keep an individual protected against lacs of medical coverage. It is therefore said to be better way to handle medical bills. One can easily pay the bills as well as seek medical treatment without any compromise on the quality.
There are several facilities that are available with these products that help insured individuals in making medical treatment affordable and accessible. An insurer can seek treatment and can raise bills for reimbursement later. Though it offers useful coverage to many people, but they find filing claim to be a complicated job. Looking into these issues faced by people, insurers have tied up with certain number of hospital in order to help people in seeking treatment on cashless basis. This facility is called Cashless Hospitalization. It allows an insured to seek treatment for covered perils in network hospitals on cashless basis. An insurer settles medical bills of an insured, thus keeping the later away from the hassles of arranging funds at the last hour. It has turned out to be one of the best facilities of medical insurance products.
In addition to it, there are a large number of benefits and facilities that are offered to insured individuals. A person can go for regular health check-ups. There is a facility of Healthline using which a person can talk to doctors about medical issues without any extra cost. Different insurers have brought in different facilities to help people stay healthy.
A person can also opt for maternity coverage and seek benefits, in an event of child birth. He or she can buy Critical Illness Rider and can stay financially protected against serious disorders. Besides it, there are plans that also offer coverage to outpatient expenses and other medical care costs.
Apollo Munich, a pure health insurance provider is a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health. With the expertise of its partners in the healthcare and insurance arena, the company has launched several products that are carefully designed looking into people’s medical needs at the time of emergencies. The products designed offer complete health cover such that there are no financial issues faced by the family.
Easy Health is one of the most popular products that can be purchased either on individual or family basis. The plan caters to the needs of people of all sections of society. Maxima, India’s first 360 degree plan has turned up with a large number of exclusive features, making medical treatment almost free for an insured. The plan offers coverage to diagnostic tests, pharmacy costs, doctor’s consultation, etc, up to a certain limit. Optima Restore, the recently launched products has turned up with unbelievable benefits and is deemed to be most helpful products for people falling ill frequently. Optima Plus, though a top-up plan, but offer full coverage at later stages of life. Apollo Munich has also brought in accident and travel insurance plan to offer health cover to people at different situations of time.
So, use this smarter means to stay protected for years to come!
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