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Every person has a different way of handling expenses. A few plan it out well in advance while others are in the habit of planning at the last moment. At the same time, there are people who never plan their budgets at all. It is always good to plan the budget so that one can maintain a balance between various aspects of life. But, there are several unplanned events that can bring change in a person’s life. One such incident is a medical emergency. These unplanned incidents affect the victim and his/her family to a great extent.

Besides health issues, the major problem that the family faces at the time of medical emergency is affordability of medical expenses. Medical costs are rapidly increasing and people do not have enough accumulated wealth to get medical treatment from the hands of expert. It is really a pathetic condition that people are denied access to it, though there is a tool of health coverage that makes it both affordable and accessible. This is because majority of people in India are not insured. If they buy a health coverage plan, it would become much easier for them to get quality treatment when required.

Health coverage is a vehicle that helps an insured to stay at peace of mind, as he/she gets the financial coverage at the time of medical emergency. These products bring along with them a lot of benefits that help an insured to enjoy healthy lifestyle. There are many plans that take care of both preventive and curative health needs of an individual. One just needs to choose the right product.

When there are such products available that, furthermore, can be purchased at the expense of just few rupees per day, why people don’t buy them? Is it because of a lack of awareness or due to lack of trust in the providers that people away from these products? Whatever the cause, there is a need to work upon this field, as it will definitely improve the condition of healthcare and health insurance in India. Besides, people will also be able to live fearlessly.

Health insurance providers need to win the trust of the Indian citizens so that their products can offer the required health coverage to them. Apollo Munich, a pure health insurer, is one such provider that is working in this direction and is looking to offer health coverage to more than 500 million people over the next few years. The company has brought several health insurance, accident insurance and travel insurance products for the citizens of India.

Easy Health is the most popular pure health insurance product, and is devised to offer complete health coverage to the Indian people at reasonable rates. This plan comes in three variants:-

  • Easy Health Standard
  • Easy Health Exclusive
  • Easy Health Premium

A person can choose the one that suits his/her needs and budget.

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