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A few health news that alarm all our senses and compel us to ponder over the thought of importance of mediclaim policy are—“India will turn out to be the diabetes capital of the world”, “Indian citizens are more prone to cancer”, “60% of the heart patients in the world would be from India over next few years”.
Looking into the gravity of the matter, one can imagine the health conditions prevalent in India. On the other hand, the rising medical costs are a matter of concern. In many cases, medical treatment bills are so high that most people cannot afford them. Family members are left with the solution of either selling off household assets or borrowing money from someone. Either of these decisions taken may be the cause of financial stress for a family.
Above all, the fact that these incidents can come at any stage of life and can bring financial hardships cannot be denied. Thus, a person should always be ready to meet these circumstances that can keep him/her away from quality medical treatment. Pondering over all these points, medical policies should be made mandatory so that medical care is made accessible. These products are designed to ensure that the insured person gets financial coverage against medical contigencies and medical bills are no more a matter of concern. These products make medical treatment easy for insured individuals.
A small amount of money, earmarked as the premium, can save the policy holder from financial trauma at the time of medical emergency. An individual should buy a comprehensive mediclaim policy so that he/she gets sufficient coverage against future medical expenses. The medical policy should not only cover hospitalization, but also pre- and post-hospitalization expenses. Besides this, the plan chosen should offer coverage for medical check-ups, dental treatment etc. There should be maternity coverage as well as critical illness coverage. This critical illness cover would safeguard the insured at the time of any serious illness, like cancer or heart attack. The feature of lifelong renewal can further be helpful.
One such plan that is popular in the Indian health insurance market is Easy Health, brought by Apollo Munich. It is the complete health insurance plan that offers all the above said benefits. One of the distinctive features of this plan is that it comes with lifelong renewal facility. 
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