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Large numbers of people in India believe that medical policies offer coverage only for inpatient treatment and thus, they don’t buy these products. Some people believe that these products come with various sub limits in their coverage and that these that act as a hurdle. This shows that these people are not aware of the benefits and facilities offered along with medical or health insurance policies.  Thus, there is a need to bring them into the limelight so that people in India can make use of the benefits of these products and can enjoy their lives to a greater extent. 
Medical policies help insured individuals to seek financial assistance against medical contingencies. These products offer a big relief when a person has to settle his/her hospital expenses. The benefits and facilities that the policy holder gets depend upon the plan purchased. A few of them are as follows- 
  • Coverage for inpatient treatment offers much required assistance.
  • Pre- and post-hospitalization are also offered such that the insured gets the complete cover.
  • In some products, there is coverage for diagnostic tests, medical health check-ups, etc.
  • Critical illness Cover, if purchased, may give a big relief.
  • Annual health check-ups come free with these plans. They help a lot in diagnosing any problem at an early stage.
  • Maternity, new born baby coverage, etc are other benefits with these medical policies, which offer peace of mind.
  • Daily cash hospital benefit can be helpful in attending to attendants and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • The facility of Cashless Hospitalization helps the insured to avail quality healthcare in network hospitals without any financial anxiety.
  • The facility of Healthline makes it easy for a policy holder to seek advice from medical experts through phone call. 
In addition to this, if a person buys a comprehensive medical policy, there might be coverage for outpatient treatment as well. A few plans offer consultation coupons to insured individuals, which might be used to seek treatment for small illnesses.
Thus, it is advisable that everybody should have a medical policy, depending upon their healthcare needs. A person should carefully choose a plan so that he/she does not feel guilty later. He/she should buy a plan offering extensive coverage such that he/she gets complete protection. These products make medical treatment both affordable and accessible. 
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