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Health insurance is meant to give security against health risks. But at the same time, the fact that innumerable health ailments prevails rings an alarm. One health insurance policy cannot give coverage against varied health risks. Different kinds of illnesses require specific treatment for which the policy has to include the kind of coverage features. Therefore, medical plans have been framed accordingly. They include features and benefits that can suit varied healthcare needs.
Every individual seeking health insurance coverage wants to invest in a plan that can grant comprehensive coverage at reasonable insurance premium. Having designed variety of such medical plans, health insurance companies makes an attempt to bridge the gap between people’s pocket and best medical care facilities. With a promise of comprehensive coverage, medical plans makes quality healthcare feasible for all income groups. But it is first important to analysis the kind of coverage required so as to pick the best suitable plan.
Health has most common reason due to which majority of people face trouble. It is not always sickness, health deformity or pre- existing illness that makes the person visit doctor. At time life unfold major uncertainties that can cause severe health disorder. Accident is one such unforeseen incident that can transform the life of any individual. God forbid, if anyone happens to encounter any such incident, it poses a great risk on the health of the person. It drags along several difficulties for the affected individual. It not restricts to the victim but also affect his/her family members.
In an event like accident nobody can predict the extent of loss it can bring. A major accident can even make the individual disabled for his/her life ahead. It can ruin the life of the individual making a huge difference in his/ her life as well in the life of the people dependent on him/ her. There are many families in our society that are dependent on the earnings of the single family member. If an accident make that individual its target, the consequences are easily predictable. In this way, an accident can not only cause physical loss but can also give a financial setback. To some extent physical injuries can be treated by appropriate treatment but the financial loss suffered in due course will take years to recuperate. So, to overcome both kinds of risks, medical plans to give coverage against accidental risks have been formulated. They provide security in times of any such mishap allowing the person to seek best medical treatment to overcome the physical injuries.
Now here, people come up with questions like why accident health insurance? Or what role does it play in case of any accidental injury caused? Bodily injuries caused due to an accident are the foremost concern for all affected individuals. They need to be treated urgently so as to avoid any risk on the health or life of the individual. But the affordability of healthcare expenses turns out to be the biggest impediment. No one would want to see his/her loved ones grappling with pain. To resolve this problem, people then find the solutions like borrowing money from other or selling off precious assets or belongings. Such alternatives chosen by people in times of emergency might help them overcome the difficult situation at the time of need but they can affect them in longer run. Such decisions make people huge financial loss that can disturb the future planning. Here, comes the answer to the question, that accident health insurance plan protects the individual from such intricate situations. It is the best tool to cope with the rising medical expenses yet avail best treatment to get cured.
Products like accident medical plans have been designed keeping in mind the healthcare needs of a person facing an accident. An accident health insurance plan is also known as death and disablement plan. Such medical plans are meant to offer sum insured amount to the affected individual to access best treatment. In case of the demise of the insured person, the policy offers compensation to the nominee or the beneficiary as stated by the individual. In addition, accident health insurance plans covers the person against permanent or temporary disablement. But all benefits, coverage limit and related services will adhere to policy terms and conditions. Furthermore, in accident insurance, the kind of coverage offered depends on the extent of injury caused.
Besides providing support in case of death and any sort of disablement, the insured is entitled to other benefits like modification of vehicle, purchase of blood, emergency ambulance charges, family transportation, transportation of imported medicine and similar others. Apollo Munich’s Individual Personal Accident Health Insurance plan is one such plan that is inclusive of all such comprehensive yet beneficiary services. It is a well known accident insurance policy in India that has assisted people in times of emergency. This product is available in two variants - Standard and Premium making it affordable for all. The individual can select the coverage as per his/ her healthcare needs and budget. This plan takes care of the well being of the insured in case of accidental mishap and serves the dependent members with appropriate coverage to cope up with the situation. Hence, medical plans for coverage against accidental mishaps are truly apt and give security along with peace of mind.
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