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Life is colourful, only if everything goes well. These colours seem to fade, if a person fall sick or meet an unforeseen event. In an event of sudden mishap, like an accident or when a person suffers from any major illness, the colour of happiness vanishes. In many cases, it not only affects he individual, but also the life of all family members. In these cases, victims have to face physical discomfort and their family members have to accumulate money to pay for the medical bills. It is because the medical expenses are rising speedily and making it difficult for the people to pay for the same.
The medical care expenses sum up to a figure that is very difficult to be afforded. The treatment cost along with pharmacy costs, diagnostic tests and other healthcare expenditure creates financial problems for people and their families. When a person gets hospitalized, the long medical bills are generated. In many cases, it even exceeds the amount saved by a person throughout his/her life. As a result, individuals face lots of financial difficulties and find it difficult to pay for quality healthcare.
Many Indian families have become victim of these situations of their lives and have faced financial blow. It is just because these people were/are not insured. A person buying health insurance does not have to face these issues of life, as he/she gets the required coverage in times of medical contingencies and stays away financial apprehensions. An insurer pays for the medical treatment of an insured such that he or she need not have to be concerned about the arrangement of funds at the last hour.
Medical care plan, so called health insurance is an ideal vehicle that assists a policy holder in availing quality medical care. These plans are lot helpful in maintaining the balance between the quality healthcare and the wallet, thus giving them a peace that is very much required. Insured individuals get reason to smile because of the protection provided by these products. Though these products are supposed to be much useful, the condition of health insurance in India is very poor. Large numbers of people here do not have medical insurance. The majority of people here belong to the section of individuals without health cover.
On the other hand, the medical expenses are expected to rise at a fast pace. It will soon be a major problem in India. If people are not encouraged to buy medical care plans, it would become difficult for them to seek quality healthcare. It would not only affect health and financial status of the masses, but will also give a blow to efforts of medical experts, who are trying hard day and night to come out with innovative healthcare solutions. The only problem with these new treatments is high medical costs, which need to be paid for betterment of both people and medical experts. When a person would buy health or medical insurance, he/she would be able to seek high quality medical treatment without any fiscal strain. Thus, medical care plans are growing needs of today.
The Government of India and the associated organization should take initiatives to encourage people to buy these products and stay secured under their canopy.  Several drives or campaigns need to be started to spread awareness among the masses so that they can take maximum benefits of medical insurance in seeking quality healthcare. People should be encouraged not to pay these medical expenses from their pocket, instead get them reimbursed from insurer. 
There are many medical care products available in the market. Few of them offer wide coverage to both preventive and curative health needs of people. One gets coverage for inpatient treatment, pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care procedures, domiciliary treatment, etc., for the covered peril. The coverage limits may extend with the plan. One also gets cover for spectacles and hearing aids expenses. It completely depends upon the coverage limits of the product. It may offer coverage only to inpatient products while at the same time, there are plans that offer coverage to OPD treatment, pharmacy costs, diagnostic tests, too.
One can also seek coverage for maternity expenses that promises insured lump sum money in an event of new born baby, thus taking away medical concerns away from an individual’s life. There are plans that offer critical illness cover for extra protection. When a person chooses both health insurance and critical illness rider, he/she gets protected against all uncertainties of life, be it sickness, injuries or critical illness.
Apollo Munich’s Easy Health, one of the most popular products, has grabbed overall five star rating for being the complete plan. This plan is available in three variants: Standard, Exclusive and Premium, each differing from one another with regard to coverage limits. The plan also offers optional coverage to maternity expenses and critical illness. 
This plan not only offers sufficient coverage to an insured but is also available at cost-effective price, making it popular in India. It is a well thought designed plan that offers complete coverage to an insured.
Such plans have really proved beneficial for the Indian citizens who can enjoy secured life under their coverage. They keep insured individuals secured from the financial hardships that they might come across due to medical contingencies. People should buy them at the earliest to have secured tomorrow. It would give them the freedom to live life fearlessly and will take away the troubles from treatments. 


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