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No one can predict what will happen to a person in the next second. Life is so unpredictable. This uncertainty in life may be favourable for one and unfavourable for other. Fortunes are always welcomed, but misfortunes are difficult to cope with. Misfortunes can bring disarray to life in just a few seconds. One of the misfortunes that affect a person’s life to a great extent is an unforeseen event or sudden mishap that engenders health issues, for example, when a person meets with a sudden mishap, an accident or serious illness.
In such situations of life, people face several difficulties. The major ones are bodily injuries and discomfort. In addition to them, financial issues that a person faces at the time of paying for quality medical treatment are the other problems that family members have to face. Many people end up choosing options that further create problems in their life. These people either borrow money from someone or sell household assets. It is beyond doubt that it is not easy to afford quality medical treatment, but the above said alternatives that a person uses to pay for the expenses are also not believed to be a right decision.
The only tool that can be helpful at these times of life is health insurance. Hence, a person should buy health insurance and stay protected before these issues arise in life. People should buy healthcare plans to pay for these expenses. It would keep them at peace of mind. These plans are designed such that insured individuals are able to live a healthy lifestyle. Each and every of them comes with a long list of benefits that offer complete health protection to an individual.
There are many Indian people who are not able to seek benefits under health cover. Market studies show that the difference between the total healthcare costs in India and the amount reimbursed by health insurance is $57 billion, which is not a figure to be ignored. It shows that there are large numbers of people who are not insured. If the same continues, it would become difficult for the Indian citizens to seek quality medical treatment, especially when these costs are likely to rise immensely.
There are lots of efforts to be made in order to improve the condition of medical insurance in India. The foremost step in this direction should be to educate people about these products and to spread the awareness that could encourage them to buy medical insurance. Government should start various campaigns to educate them about health insurance benefits such that people can avail them and are not deprived of quality medical treatment because of the high medical costs. RSBY is one such program initiated by the government. There should be several such programs so that the number of uninsured individuals in India drops rapidly. Medical care experts should also make efforts in educating people about rising medical expenses and an easy way they can adopt to tackle them.
Regulators should allow only right players to enter the field who can really work hard to offer health cover to people, as per their needs. A medical insurer entering into the Indian health insurance sector should ensure that the products designed by them should offer sufficient coverage to people at cost effective prices. These products should be designed only after identifying health needs of people such that people buying health insurance find it a useful product. Besides, there should be medical insurance policies for people of all income groups.
In addition to this, health insurance providers should spread health insurance awareness such that people can know about their benefits.  People should be offered quality services with these products to win their trust. People should be educated about covered and uncovered perils such that there are no misunderstandings or confusions with regard to covered and uncovered perils. It is only through this awareness and knowledge that the condition of medical insurance in India can be improved.
Apollo Munich, a standalone health insurance company in India, has turned up to demystify health insurance for the people of India. Working in this direction, the company has contributed much to enhance healthcare and to make the same affordable for the Indian citizens.
The company really works to help people make medical treatment affordable and accessible. The company has made its policy wordings free of complications and difficult language to help people stay away from related confusions. It has brought various products, each well thought out, to offer coverage to people in different circumstances of life.
There are pure health insurance products, designed for each people of all income groups. In addition to this, there is accident insurance and travel insurance plans that can offer further protection for health risks arising due to an accident or while traveling respectively. Policy wordings of each of these plans are written in simple English to avoid confusion among people with regards to the coverage. At the same time, no jargons are used so that they can easily be understood by people.
Apollo Munich is the first to bring the facility of lifelong renewal with health insurance products in India. It is also the first to bring out India’s first 360 degree product to offer comprehensive coverage to the masses.
“Let’s take fear out of faces, the jargon out of words, the bitter out of medicines, the trouble out of treatment and the confusion out of claims” is the belief of this health insurance provider.


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