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It is beyond doubt that comprehensive coverage is must, when it comes to medical cover. A person should choose a plan that could offer complete protection with all-inclusive benefits such that medical treatment is made almost free for an insured. It is therefore said that complete medical care plan is the one that offers maximum coverage to people. 
Health insurance providers have brought numerous medical care products to offer the required coverage to the Indian people, but among them, there are very few plans that are successful in offering the same. One such comprehensive medical care plan that offers all-round cover is Maxima, India’s first 360 degree product, brought by Apollo Munich. 
Apollo Munich is a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health. Both the partners are well experienced in the field of healthcare and insurance. The launch of this plan, ‘Maxima’ has brought relief to many individuals in India who were hunting for a plan that could offer coverage to both big and small illness. Using this plan, a policy holder can seek coverage for cold cough, wisdom tooth, allergy, running nose, etc.
The ‘Maxima’ plan offers cover to inpatient treatment expenses, like other health insurance products. A person buying maxima gets inpatient coverage for Rs. 3 lac, which can be used for in-patient treatment expenses that are incurred due to an illness or an accident. It includes medical expenses for room rent, nursing, boarding expenses, ICU, surgical appliances, anaesthesia, medical practitioners, medicines, blood, oxygen, diagnostic procedures, operation theatre charges, cost of prosthetic or any device, if implanted during a surgical practice.  
In addition to it, the cover includes pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, cover for 140 Day-care procedures (minor surgical treatments which do not require hospitalization for more than 24 hours), domiciliary treatment, (which include medical expenses incurred for availing medical treatment at home, which would have otherwise required hospitalization), cover to organ donor, (in an event of organ transplantation) and emergency ambulance charges (for transporting an insured from the place where an accident occurred to a hospital). It also includes daily cash for choosing shared accommodation and for accompanying an insured child. 
A unique aspect of this plan is the coverage to outpatient treatment.  Almost everybody of us spends a significant amount of our income on these expenses; doctor’s consultation, pharmacy costs, diagnostic tests and health check-up.  What if a health insurance plan offers cover to all these expenses. It would be a relief to one and all. Maxima is one such plan that includes cover to these medical expenses so that a policy holder can live tension-free. 
An individual buying ‘Maxima’ is entitled to consultation coupons, which can be used for seeking advice in specified network of hospitals by a general Medical Practitioner or a specialist Medical Practitioner. An insured also gets coverage for diagnostic tests within specified network of diagnostic laboratories. There is no such conditions that these tests need to be necessarily be prescribed by network Medical Practitioner. One can also get cover for pharmacy within specified network, subject to the condition that these medicines have been prescribed in writing by a Medical Practitioner. 
‘Maxima’ further offers coverage to any required dental cure, provided that it should not consist of cosmetic treatment. It also includes cover for spectacles, contact lenses within specified network. These coverage limits are subjected to certain terms and conditions, for which policy wording should be read carefully. Furthermore, one also gets entitlement certificate for annual health check-up within specified network. 
Maxima is one such plan that is designed to offer complete coverage to its customers. It also includes optional coverage of Critical Illness Cover, thus fulfilling the need of critical illness rider that is purchased by people as separate product.  Now, the ‘Maxima’ customer can opt for this coverage in the same plan on payment on extra premium. It allows insured lump sum payment, In an event of an insured getting diagnosed with any of the covered major disorder, subject to the plan’s terms and conditions. Here, the plan offers cover to eight major illnesses, which are first heart attack, coronary artery surgery, paralysis, kidney failure, stroke, major organ transplantation, cancer and multiple sclerosis. 
Maternity coverage is the other optional cover that people can opt for. It works on the principle of benefit that pays policy holder lump sum money in an event of child birth. It comes with a waiting period of 4 years to ensure that people buy them well in time and not right before they feel the need to use the same. The amount a person gets depend upon a condition whether it is a normal or caesarean delivery. One can also opt for optional coverage for new born baby for first 90 days, if desired.
‘Maxima’ is a unique medical care plan that also offers cover to any pre-existing conditions that require outpatient care, without any waiting period. When it comes to treatment of pre-existing disease on inpatient basis, there is a waiting period of three years. There are many more benefits that make ‘Maxima’ a unique plan. All benefits can be enjoyed for the whole life, as there is a facility of lifelong renewal that makes it more effective.
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