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Apollo Munich, a standalone medical insurer, is a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health. Both its partners are well experienced in the fields of healthcare and insurance respectively. As a result, the company is able to use their knowledge and experience for the betterment of health of the Indian people. 
Apollo Munich has stepped into the health insurance sector in India so as to demystify health insurance such that it is no more perceived as a complicated product. The company has adopted a unique ideology in designing of products on the basis of people’s health needs. As a result, it has been able to come up with best-in-class products and is well on its way to fulfil the aim of making medical treatment easy for majority of the Indian citizens. 
The company has recently launched two new products, both unique in their offerings. These products have come up with never before benefits. These products have been designed to provide remarkable benefits that could encourage the Indian people to buy these plans. Let’s have a brief look into their offerings.
Optima Plus
Optima Plus is a newly launched top-up health insurance policy that has come with a unique feature of getting converted into fully fledged plan with nil deductible on retirement. A person should buy this policy in early stages of life, when it is purchased as a top-up plan. Later, the same plan can be converted into a fully-fledged nil deductible health insurance plan at the age of retirement. It is used for better protection.
Optima Plus gives its customer an access to opt for 5 lac sum insured coverage with deductible ranging from 1 lac to 5 lacs, as opted. A person can choose the deductible amount. It is the amount which is to be paid by an insured himself or herself at the time of medical emergency. Only after the payment of this amount, an insured is entitled to medical insurance benefits. The variation in deductible directly affects the amount of premium to be paid. The higher is deductible amount chosen; the lower is the amount of premium to be paid. The amount of premium also depends upon other factors, like the age of an insured. 
A person can seek coverage for in-patient treatment, pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization treatment expenses, day care procedures (Coverage for enlisted 140 day care procedures), organ donor medical expenses, emergency ambulance and domiciliary treatment expenses. 
Optima Plus gives extra privileges to the insured, as one buying it can enjoy wider coverage for higher hospitalization expenditure, and that too at the expense of nominal premium. Apart from these benefits, one also gets the freedom to enjoy wide inpatient –term cover after deductible. This plan comes with a facility of lifelong renewal to offer long term protection to its customers. 
An important point that a person should remember to get this plan converted is that it should be purchased before the age of 50 years and the conversion could be done at the age of 58-60, provided that a policy is renewed continuously. A person should know about the conditions of getting the plan converted into fully fledged nil deductible health insurance policy so that one can enjoy better protection or the ‘PLUS’ coverage with Optima Plus. 
Optima Restore
Optima Restore is the other newly launched health insurance plan that is designed to offer numerous unbelievable and never before benefits to its customers.  It is formulated to genuinely care for people buying the plan. A few of the major aspects of the policy are cashless medical care, quick claim settlement and lifetime renewal. This policy has brought remarkable benefits for its customers. At one end, the Restore Benefit gives the freedom to an insured to seek treatment without giving a thought to medical expenses. If one uses up the entire cover within a policy year, the entire cover is restored at no extra charge! At the other end, the Multiplier Benefit offers a cumulative bonus of 50% for every claim-free year. Thus, it multiplies the cover amount by two, if an insured does not raise any claim for two consecutive years.  
Restore benefit of this plan reinstates the basic sum insured amount, if an insured uses up the entire amount during the policy period. People who fall ill frequently can make use of this benefit, as when he or she uses the entire sum insured amount for the treatment, he or she is eligible for the same cover amount that can be used for medical treatment, on falling ill again, provided it is for a different illness. The remarkable point is that an insured is not supposed to pay anything extra for this coverage. This feature helps a lot to people who fall ill or need medical treatment second time in a year. It is an exclusive feature that is not offered by any other medical policy in India. 
As stated above, the multiplier benefit is the other unbelievable benefit that increases the sum insured amount by 50% for every claim-free year. Hence the sum insured amount gets doubled, if claim is not made for two consecutive years. Thus, one can enjoy coverage of double the sum insured amount at the same premium. Besides this, there are several other benefits that make this plan a unique medical plan and offer comprehensive cover to an insured.
An insured gets the facility of lifelong renewal; which allows him or her to enjoy coverage benefits for the extended time duration. There are several innovative characteristics of this product that make it stand out from other health policies. 
Apart from these, all Apollo Munich’s products come with exceptional customer service and one of the fastest claims settlements in the industry.


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