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When one tries to get medical care to stay healthy, there are many hassles that might come up. One of the most common reasons for aversion towards healthcare is due to the additional expenses that come up along with the treatment costs. There are pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, additional overheads of attendants, etc, that the person has to deal with. 
Before and after an individual is hospitalized, he/she comes across a lot of different expenses. These are required to either diagnose or monitor the recovery of the patient after the treatment. However, given that the expense of medical care is constantly rising, people hardly ever follow-up on their health after a treatment. The expenses incurred before the treatment are referred to as pre-hospitalization costs, and those incurred thereafter are post-hospitalization costs. Usually the pre-hospitalization costs arise during the diagnostic stage. Since these expenses are also quite high, Apollo Munich provides coverage for these kinds of benefits in the various plans. 
The pre-hospitalization benefits are covered for a particular number of days before the treatment. Nevertheless, the number included might differ based on the plan that has been chosen. The Maxima and Easy Health Plan offer 30 days right before hospitalization of the policy holder. If the patient informs the company about the hospitalization at least 5 days prior to the date of hospitalization, then the coverage can be increased to 60 days before hospitalization. 
For the post-hospitalization expenses, the policies again provide coverage for a specific number of days after discharge from the hospital. As with the pre-hospitalization expenses, the exact number of days for coverage would depend on the policy terms and conditions. The number of days for post-hospitalization cover is 60 days in Easy Health and Maxima. Intimation of the hospitalization at least 5 days before hospitalization can increase the number of days to 90. In the Insure Health Plan from Apollo Munich, policy holders can get up to 1% of the permissible claim amount for post-hospitalization costs. 
All these expenses should be in relation to the same condition for which the policy holder has been hospitalized. As a prerequisite, the company should have accepted a claim for the inpatient treatment of the individual. In simple words, if pre-hospitalization costs are not related to the reason for hospitalization, then the insured person would not be able to get this benefit. 
Now, people need not compromise on the medical care that they need and avail of. The expenses of healthcare can all be paid by the insurance company. Even additional overheads can be covered using the Optima Cash plan. The daily hospitalization cash policy is specifically designed to give people complete protection from sudden extra expenses. This plan is simple and provides coverage under various benefits such as accident hospitalization cash, sickness hospitalization cash, etc. Each of these benefits provides customers with the needed protection so that they can easily get any kind of treatment. With a combination of various policies, people can get medical care almost free of cost. All the medical care expenses—hospitalization costs, additional expenses, costs incurred before and after the treatment—can be covered by health insurance plans.
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