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‘Health is greatest of all human blessings’. ‘Blessed are the people who are healthy‘. Besides these sayings, there is no doubt that health is a precious asset and a person who is healthy is able to enjoy life to a greater extent.  Health is believed to be a source of happiness. A healthy person is able to stay happy. Thus, health is one of the most valuable assets. 
On the other hand, one cannot deny the fact that life is unpredictable. One never knows at what instant of life he/she meets any unforeseen event or sudden mishap that might tumble down one’s carefully planned life. Such events bring along with them lots of difficulties for a family. Besides the physical injuries of the victim, there are financial problems that a family faces. Many a times, people have to hunt for the money at the last hour. In such times of medical emergencies, they are left with no option other than to borrow money from somebody. The only solution to stay away from these troubles of life and to stay secured is to buy healthcare insurance that acts as a bridge between the rising medical care costs and the quality medical treatment.   
Healthcare insurance has proved to be of much help in settling long hospitalization bills, which otherwise would have been difficult to handle. There are different healthcare insurance products that offer coverage in different situations of life. There are pure health insurance products that offer cover to health issues arising due to sickness or any sudden mishap. There are accident insurance products that are designed, looking into medical needs of people at the time of an accident. There are travel insurance products that are designed to make travel hassle-free. A person should buy the policy as per his/her needs. 
In addition to this, there is critical illness cover that offers cover to people suffering from any of the listed serious disorders.  It is advisable to buy these critical illness products along with pure health insurance plans in order to have double protection. 
Apollo Munich, a standalone health insurance company has brought several such plans that offer cover to health needs of people in different circumstances of life. Let’s discuss a few of the plans brought by Apollo Munich.
Maxima - It is the India’s first 360 degree product that offers comprehensive coverage to an individual. This plan is designed to offer coverage to both inpatient and outpatient expenses. The outpatient expenses include cover for doctor’s consultation, pharmacy costs and diagnostic tests, which do not require hospitalisation and thus are usually paid for from one’s own pocket. Coverage is offered up to a specified limit.  Besides this, there are several exclusive features of this plan that makes medical treatment almost free for any insured person. 
Easy Health - It is the most popular pure health insurance product in India. This plan is available in three variants: Standard, Exclusive and Premium, designed looking into the health needs of people of all sections of society. This plan also gives its customers an option to choose maternity coverage and critical illness cover, on payment of extra premium. This option is available for those opting for the Exclusive and Premium variants.
Personal Accident Insurance Plan - It is a comprehensive accident insurance policy that is available at a reasonable price. This policy is designed to offer coverage to health issues arising due to an accident.  A person can take coverage for death, disablement and several bodily injuries. This plan is available in two variants: Standard and Premium.
Insure Health - It is an easy-to-buy over the counter product that offers coverage to people looking for maximum Rs.2 lac cover amount.
Easy Travel - This plan is designed to make travel convenient for any individual or family travelling abroad. This plan is available in five variants:  Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Asian Region. A person can opt for the one that suits his or her needs and budget.
Optima Restore - It is a newly launched product that restores the basic sum insured amount, if a policy holder exhausts the entire cover amount during the policy period. This benefit is made available at no extra cost. This plan comes with several similar unbelievable benefits that make it an exclusive plan.  One of the other unique features of this plan is that a person not raising claim for 2 consecutive years, can double the cover amount at no extra cost. This is a one of its kind product in India. 
Furthermore, there are top-up plans brought by Apollo Munich to offer the wider coverage to policy holders. These plans offer extra protection to people and give them reasons to be relieved about their health situation. These are:-
Optima Cash - It is a daily cash hospital benefit plan that offers coverage to an insured for additional hospitalization expenses in an event of hospitalization. The amount a person gets depends upon the number of days an insured is hospitalized. It is simple and easy to buy plan that do not involve any medical tests, unless some adverse declaration is made. 
Optima Plus - It is a unique top-up plan that can be converted into a fully-fledged health insurance plan with nil deductible on retirement. The plan offers coverage to people buying it at an early age. It can be used for wider protection and later can be used as a complete health insurance plan. It gives people several benefits, as there is no waiting period that deprive a person of coverage at the time of conversion.
Apollo Munich ensures that its customers are able to avail complete medical protection without any hassle and thus, the company assures quality services with these products. Each and every one of this plan is well thought out and designed to offer maximum healthcare benefits to insured individuals. 
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