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One of the common sayings followed by people is “Prevention is better than Cure”. Many Indian citizens, who strongly believe it, try to follow hygienic habits and carry out physical activities in order to stay healthy. Some people belonging to this pool prefer to go the gym, some prefer to follow a strict diet, and some prefer to walk and so on. Whatever way a person adopts, the main motive is to keep their body fit and fine.
At the same time, no one can deny the truth that there is always some risk associated with a human’s life. An individual can face a sudden mishap at any stage of life and may face health issues, which in turn, may bring changes in the lives of all family members. Many families have become victims of financial stress due to rising medical costs.  
It is, therefore, suggested to be ready for these unanticipated circumstances of life. The long hospitalization bill is one of the major challenges that the family of the victim has to face. It is not easy to settle these medical bills. Many times, these bills exceed the amount a person has saved in his/her life. Thus, it is always better to be secured such that there are no financial crises that could come in the way of quality healthcare. Healthcare insurance is one of these means that could provide the required financial coverage at the time of medical emergencies.
Healthcare insurance plans ensure that a policy holder gets quality medical care without any financial crunch, as the insurance provider pays for the medical expenses incurred towards treatment of the covered peril.  These products bring along with them several facilities and benefits that help people in times of need. One of the best facilities that the insurer offers along with these products is Cashless hospitalization, which allows an insured to visit a network hospital and seek medical treatment without worrying about payment of bills. The insurer directly settles the bills with the hospital on behalf of the insured.
A person should look into his/her healthcare needs and buy the plan accordingly. Apollo Munich, one of the reputed health insurance providers, is well known in bringing healthcare insurance plans at cost-effective rates for Indian citizens. This company is the first in India to bring the facility of lifelong renewal with its products. Now, a person can enjoy health cover all through his/her life.  
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