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For a long time, a lot of people thought that the best quality services were only available overseas. The fact is that even in the present day, there are many people who think on these lines. The quality of healthcare in India too is thought to be inferior to those available abroad. Nonetheless, there are a number of multispecialty hospitals that have come up over the years and people can easily get the right kind of medical care quickly and conveniently. The hospitals and doctors in India today, are at par with those anywhere in the world. 
Now the problem related to world-class medical care has changed. There is one section of society that can easily afford medical care, but another section that cannot. This creates a social gap.  Despite the choices available in medical care, there are a lot of people who are unable to avail of it simply because of inability to cope with such high expenses. Health insurance companies are a boon for such people. Mediclaim providers enable patients to deal with financial demands of healthcare without undergoing any personal fiscal strain. To a large extent, this merges the gap caused by the cost of medical care. 
Over the last couple of years, Indians have become progressively more conscious of wellbeing and finance. People neither want to spend a lot of money on healthcare, and nor do they like staying unhealthy. This leads to internal conflict on whether one should pick quality healthcare or money. A lot of people intend to save money for education, a better lifestyle, or maybe just for other bigger illnesses. It is not always easy for people to set aside money for healthcare problems. 
There have been a number of studies done to show the kind of change that will come up in the cost of healthcare over the next few years. The expenses for any kind of medical care are bound to rise very rapidly. Statistics show that most people would not be able to afford even basic healthcare in the next few years. For such times, having a health insurance plan is the best security. The plan would assist in paying for the treatment while the money earned can be saved for a later date. The premium for an insurance policy is generally quite nominal. Some people may have to stretch their budget and pay for the coverage they want, but in the long term it is worth every penny. 
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