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Once a person is born, he or she has to follow definite phases of life. First a baby is bought up by parent, nurtured, and sent to school for studies. Once the studies are over, he or she has to look for means to survive, that is to earn and make both ends meet. Then, a person starts realizing his or her responsibilities of life towards parents, spouse and kids. One has to fulfil his or her personal or professional commitments.  At last, comes the age, when all these responsibilities are over. This is the time, when a person retires. 
The age of retirement and onwards is believed to be the best part of life, as one gets time to enjoy with his/her loved ones without any anxiety. This phase of life becomes better if one would have invested money in financial instruments that fetch good returns. A person should invest wisely during his or her earning age with the motto to enjoy later part of life in a better way. The sum of money fetched from these products helps a lot, especially when a person’s potential to earn reduces. It is, therefore, advised that one should invest carefully to make sure that he or she gets due protection at old age. 
Health concern is one of the areas that take away all the deposited money in one blow. The high rising medical expenses are not easy to afford. A person saves money for later part of his or her life but loses it in no time, especially when a body becomes prone to health issues. Thus, health issues at this stage of life can turn as an obstacle to a certain extent. One might face financial issues because of rising medical expenses or might have to give the entire sum of deposited money for the treatment of these health disorders.  
In order to keep all these issues at bay and enjoy life to a greater extent, one should buy a health insurance plan that could offer complete health coverage even at old age. Focusing on health needs of a person at this phase of life, Apollo Munich, a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health, has emerged with innovative healthcare solutions in Indian health insurance market. It has recently launched a new product, called Optima Plus. 
Optima Plus is first in its kind, the only top-up health insurance plan in India that can be converted into fully fledged plan with nil deductible on retirement. Thus, a policy holder buying it as a top-up plan in early stages of life can use it for better protection and later, can get it converted into a fully-fledged health insurance plan at the age of retirement.  When this plan is used as a top-up plan, a policy holder can opt for 5 lac sum insured coverage with deductible ranging from 1 lac to 5 lac, as chosen. This difference in deductible directly affects the amount of premium to be paid. The higher is deductible amount chosen; the lower is the amount of premium to be paid. Besides it, the amount of premium also depends upon the age of an insured. The premium increases with the age.
There are abundant benefits that one gets on buying it as a top-up plan. The 5 lac coverage chosen with Optima Plus includes costs for:-
  • In-patient Treatment - Hospitalization expenses incurred due to an illness or accident.
  • Pre-Hospitalization - It offers cover to medical expenses incurred in 60 days immediately before hospitalization.
  • Post-Hospitalization - It offers cover to medical expenses incurred in 90 days immediately after discharge from hospital.
  • Day care procedures - It includes cover to minor treatment or surgeries for 140 enlisted day-care procedures (which do not require 24 hours hospitalization).
  • Organ Donor - It offers cover to medical expenses for harvesting of the organ donated to the Insured person.
  • Emergency Ambulance - It reimburses the expense, incurred in transporting an insured from a site of an accident to a hospital, it is maximum of Rs. 2000 per hospitalization.
  • Domiciliary Treatment - It includes medical expenses incurred by a policy holder for availing medical treatment at his/her home which would otherwise have required hospitalization.
Thus, this top-up plan offers coverage to an insured for higher hospitalization expenditure at the expense of nominal premium. In addition, one also gets the freedom to enjoy wide inpatient cover, but with deductible. This plan comes with a facility of lifelong renewal that offers long term protection to its customers. 
Furthermore, one gets an option to convert it into fully fledged nil deductible health insurance plan. It facilitates one to say goodbye to tiresome waiting period, no matter whatever it is, may be 30 days or 2 years.  At the same time, one also gets benefit that deductible is waived off, which lets an insured seek cover from the first rupee medical expenditure. 
An option to convert it into fully fledged nil deductible plan comes with the following conditions, which need to be kept in mind:-
  • An individual should have registered for first time under this plan before the age of 50 years and have renewed it constantly and without break.
  • An individual should opted for conversion between 58 - 60 years of age at the time of renewal only. 
This entry age of this plan is 91 days to 65 years and the most important benefit is that there is no cover ceasing age. Thus, an insured can now live life to a greater extent under the canopy of wide inpatient c 
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