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The condition of health insurance in India is pathetic. 85% of Indian population does not use health insurance to finance their medical expenditure. These people pay for their medical expenditure from their pocket. As a result, many of these uninsured individuals either end up with poor quality healthcare or have to bear financial hardships. The financial stress that is engendered due to rising medical expenses is believed to affect the lifestyle of all family members for years.
If the same continues, how will the people of India pay their medical expenses in the future? How will the efforts of medical care providers be fruitful, when there will be no one to avail medical treatment? 
Thus, there is a need to increase the number of insured individuals in India. Working in this direction, every individual, every medical care provider and every health insurance company should play an active role. It is only then possible that people would be able to avail quality healthcare in times of medical emergency. Insurers have designed plans, but people should be encouraged to buy them so that the overall condition of medical care insurance in the country can be improved. 
The products and offerings brought by different medical insurance providers vary from each other. The only point that should be brought to light is that people should buy these products to remove inconveniences from quality medical treatment. These products offer much relief to them and their family members at the time of medical emergency. There is no need for an insured individual to scramble for the arrangement of funds at the last hour. Hence, the Government and all the associated bodies should all offer their support in spreading health insurance awareness so that Indian citizens are aware of the right to seek quality healthcare without any financial thought. 
The Government should educate people about the rise of medical costs and the importance of these products. Regulators should bring change in the guidelines, allowing only the right players to enter the health insurance market. Health insurance providers should design products, according to health needs of target customers and encourage people to buy them. The combined efforts of all these bodies will surely bring some improvement.
Apollo Munich, a pure medical insurance company, has emerged with the motive to Uncomplicate Health Insurance. Working in this direction, the company is looking forward to offering coverage to more than 500 million people over next five years.
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