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India is a progressing country, where large numbers of people have started using the internet to buy health or medical insurance. Though there are many people who use online means to buy or to know about these products, a still larger section of society wants someone to sit next to them and tell them about the products, and this is what is aimed at by a health insurance agent or broker.
Many people do not trust these brokers, as they believe that these agents or brokers do not tell them about the uncovered perils. One of the other probable reasons might be that there are many fraud cases heard of now and then. A few of the common questions that come into a person’s mind while sitting next to an agent are:-
  • Is he/she describing all the features of the plan? 
  • Is the product really so simple? 
  • Will the claim process really be so simple?
If possible, a person should cross check the doubts in his/her mind from the insurer’s website that contains all the information about a particular product. Besides this, enlisted below are a few of the points that one should consider before buying from an agent.
  • Listen to the agent carefully to know about the product’s specifications.
  • Don’t forget to ask him/her about the product’s exclusions.  A person, in his/her effort to sell the product, will definitely tell you about the coverage, but might not tell about the uncovered perils.
  • Ask him/her all the questions in your mind.
  • It is a must to be informed about co-deductibles.
  • Always choose a reputed health or medical insurance provider in order to reduce the probability of facing problems at the time of claim settlement or reimbursements.
  • Know about various products and then choose the one that suit your individual needs and budget. 
  • Take advice from the broker or agent but don’t consider it to be your final decision, until and unless you feel satisfied. 
  • Always try to give the cheque in favor of the Company rather than to the Broker.
  • Last but not the least; be sure to collect the receipt of the payment made.
There are many health insurance providers selling their products online. At the same time, there are companies like Apollo Munich, which rely on online means as well as trustworthy health insurance agents to sell their products. 
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