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There are many people who do not want to buy expensive health insurance products and thus, they are in search of low cost health insurance policies. Whatever the reason, these people want to have extensive coverage at a minimum price. In their attempt to search for such a plan, many people do not focus on coverage limits, benefits or any other feature, apart from the premium. Most of the time, the choice made only on this parameter turns out to be a wrong selection, as these products fail to offer cover for their healthcare needs. This often results in claim rejection and thus, their dissatisfaction gives birth to frustration or distrust in health or medical insurance providers. 
Very few people are successful in exploring the reason behind their claim rejection. Research shows that the common reason behind the majority of claim rejection is the insured’s wrong choice. Hence, it is a must for people to make the right choice so that they can get the required coverage in times of need. 
The most common mistake that people make is to ignore coverage limits, as they focus only on the premium while choosing a low cost health insurance policy. One should keep in mind that first priority should be given to healthcare needs. A plan offering coverage for health needs is the best plan.  One should understand every term and condition of a plan before buying the same. An individual should shortlist plans on the basis of his/her healthcare needs and then, should compare quotes of these products, focussing on all the associated parameters: coverage limits, benefits, premium, exclusions, co-deductions, sub-limits and facilities. Besides this, the provider’s goodwill should also be taken into consideration as an important part of the selection procedure.   
Following the above said procedure, one would be able to get the best low cost health insurance or the health insurance at an affordable price. There are many providers that have taken this problem of customers into consideration and thus, have designed several such plans that can fulfil health needs of people of all income groups. Providers have brought health insurance products with variants, so as to make it easy for a person to buy a product, as per his/her requirement. 
Easy Health, the most popular Indian health insurance plan is available in three variants: Standard, Exclusive and Premium. A person can buy the one that suits his/her needs and budget. 
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