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India is yet not counted among the list of developed nations. There are many factors that are responsible for the backwardness of the country. One of these major factors is the poor health status of people. Many Indian citizens are not able to seek quality healthcare because of the rising medical expenses. Medical costs are rising so speedily that people feel medical expenses to be a burden. Those who manage to gather funds for the treatment of their loved ones are forced to use inappropriate means, such as borrowing of money or selling precious household assets, which result in financial hardships.
This attitude of people has also affected the efforts of medical experts, who are busy looking for new innovative ways to combat diseases. This is just because people are unable to seek these treatments because of high medical care costs. The new technologies used in these new means of treating a disease make it expensive and people do not have so much of accumulated wealth to afford the same. At the same time, giving away the entire sum of money in a day or two is also very difficult. The only solution to this problem is to buy health insurance and seek coverage. 
Why don’t people buy these products and make their life easier? Why do they prefer to pay from their pockets than to get them reimbursed? Isn’t it a better and safer means?
There is no doubt that medical insurance is the right solution to tackle these rising treatment expenses. But, there are many associated rumours in India that keep people away from these products. One such rumour that is prevailing among the masses is the high health insurance rates. This is quite far from reality, as a health insurance premium is not an immense amount, but a very small amount as compared to the coverage offered. 
People are not able to use health insurance as a tool to reimburse their medical expenses. There is a need to educate this pool of people to bring them out of such beliefs that are spreading at a fast pace. It is only then that quality medical care can be made accessible and affordable for them. 
Majority of the Indian citizens are paying medical expenses from their pockets and thus, finding it difficult to pay for quality healthcare. When a person comes across any sudden health or medical mishap, family members face financial issues, besides the bodily discomfort faced by the patient. This problem is going to intensify as medical care costs are likely to rise enormously in future.
However, an individual has the option of avoiding these issues by the simple means of buying health insurance. These insurance policies are devised to offer health cover to insured individuals in times of medical emergencies such that they need not have to worry about medical expenses. At the same time, one can easily support his/her family, instead of running around for the arrangement of funds. These products offer a big relief both to the insured person and his/her family. They can stay at peace of mind. 
The beliefs like that of high medical insurance rates or premiums need to be wiped out from the minds of people at large.  The awareness program for the same should be started at the earliest such that they could know that there are medical insurance products for people of all income groups. The premium that one needs to pay for these products costs just about a few rupees per day, which can easily be afforded by the common man.
People should understand that there are plans that are a bit expensive. But, it does not mean that there are no affordable plans for the lower or middle income section of society.  One can get a tailored plan easily, as per his/her health necessities. Health insurance is available for people of all income groups. 
The other point that people should be aware of is that health insurance rates increase with age. The plans bought at an early age are not that expensive, as compared to plans bought in later stages of life.  Thus, one should buy the plan at the earliest.  Besides this, a person should not only focus on the premium, instead he/ she should keep a check over several other factors, such as coverage limits, deductible, co-payment, benefits and facilities. All these parameters play an important role in offering the required coverage to insured individuals. 
A person can use an online premium calculator to know about the premium to be paid and then, can buy a plan that fits into the budget. One can choose a plan and coverage limit and can know about the premium amount associated with the same, with just a few clicks of the mouse.
There are several affordable health insurance products in the Indian market. One need not have to worry about huge medical insurance rates now. Apollo Munich has brought several such plans that fit easily into the family budget. All its plans are well designed, looking into the needs of different sections of society.  There are plans, like ‘Maxima’ that are expensive while at the same time, there are plans, like Insure Health that are cheap enough to be easily afforded. In addition to these, there is Easy Health that is available in three variants: Standard, Exclusive and Premium. A person can buy the one that suit his or her needs and budget.
So, buy health insurance today and make your future secured without believing in false rumours such as that of high health insurance rates.
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