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When people see anyone around them fall sick, usually they either think of themselves in a similar condition and get scared, or simply take it for granted that they will always be in good health. Hardly ever does a person plan for the bad times. When medical assistance is needed, people cannot be complacent and ignore the call. The finances required for the same often cause patients to ignore signs and symptoms of illness. Paying no heed to such early signs often leads to problems later in the person’s life. 
The asking price of healthcare is a cause of apprehension for everyone. But it does not mean that people need to avoid healthcare. The right way to reduce these expenses is to get medical insurance. Unfortunately there are also a lot of people who are doubtful about health insurance. The fact is that the health insurance plan cannot be used well without the policy holder understanding the terms and conditions of the coverage. Lots of people have begun understanding this point but are unable to pick the right health insurance plan. 
The nature of medical insurance has become quite complex over the last few years. There are only a handful of people who accept the fact that investment in mediclaim is good. Most people feel that the plans ‘claim’ to provide a lot of coverage, but at the time of reimbursing a claim, the policy becomes null and void for one reason or another. This is why most customers stay away from the ‘hassles’ of health insurance. 
If the plan is understood clearly, this problem would not arise. Once an individual understands the terms and conditions of the policy, using it is not at all tough. But understanding policy wordings is sometimes tricky, the inclusions and exclusions of the plans are often misunderstood by people because of the number of legal jargons. If the plans are simple, like the Apollo Munich policies, and they have straightforward language used, then there is no problem in understanding the policy. 
It is not just understanding the plan that should be easy, but also buying and renewing the policy. People often do not buy policies because of the waiting periods in the plans. These waiting periods are generally reduced by yearly renewal. This then becomes one of the foremost reasons why easy renewal of the plans is important. Health insurance does not have to be complicated, contrary to the way it is perceived by most people.
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