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Medical insurance awareness is spreading rapidly. People have begun understanding the need for mediclaim. Nonetheless, the difficulty is that when people have one plan, they rarely realize the need for any other kind of insurance policy. For instance, when people have life insurance, they do not think about health or accident insurance. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by people when planning for the right insurance plan. In the attempt to get one plan for everything, they end up getting a plan which superficially covers a lot of things, but does not offer complete protection. 
People also get very confused in making a selection between two similar kinds of insurance plans. They tend to think that as long as they have a health insurance policy protecting them, they do not need other plans. This is not the right way to look at things. Just because they both come under the category of health insurance does not mean that they are the same. When people search for a new car to buy, they don’t pick the first one they get. Likewise when looking for health insurance, you should know the benefits that distinguish one plan from another. 
Many people do not select personal accident plans when they have health insurance. This tendency is not right. Health insurance plans may provide fiscal protection for the cost of treatment taken after an accident, but they do not cover additional costs after an accident. Medical insurance plans are not the same as accident policies or travel insurance plans. When there are all options available in the market, why not stay secure from all unexpected surprises? 
People often tend to think that since health insurance policies are valid all over the country, there is no need for any other policy. However, other than healthcare crises, there are a number of accidents that can affect the family’s finances. The additional costs after an accident can be dealt with the lump sum amount given by an accident insurance plan. Similarly, travel insurance plans give people the ability to get the needed travel-related protection without any problems. If the travel or accident plan covers treatment (and is applicable) it is better to use these plans and save the health insurance coverage for times when the person needs a planned treatment.
Using the right plan at the right time is as important as choosing the right kind of policy coverage. Everyone should have health and accident insurance policies (at least basic coverage for both, if not extensive coverage). They should also have a travel plan while traveling, even within the country itself.
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