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Many Indian citizens are of the view that health insurance premium, the amount that is paid towards issuance of a health insurance policy, is too high to be afforded. As a result, these people do not buy health or medical insurance products with the wrong perception in their mind. This shows that the fact that health insurance products are available for people of all income groups should be brought to light. The above perception, “health insurance premium is too high to be afforded” seems more of a misconception or wrong information that is transferred from one person to another.
This perception in minds of the Indian people can be removed only by spreading awareness on health insurance among the masses. Government and all associated bodies must make efforts in this direction so that people can know about health insurance and its affordability aspect.
Health Insurance Premium may vary from a few hundreds of rupees to a few thousands of rupees. These products can be purchased at the expense of just a few rupees per day, which is not a huge amount and can easily be adjusted in one’s budget. If a person gives place to this amount in his/her budget, he/she can avail financial coverage for all medical exigencies, which would otherwise bring financial stress in life.
In order to avoid such financial hardships in one’s life, a person should buy health insurance. It maintains the balance between quality healthcare and the wallet.  Such plans have proved to offer a big relief to the family at the time of medical exigency. Health insurance is the right tool to be used against ever mounting medical costs.
In order to help people in buying a product as per their budget, insurers have brought online premium calculators, which can be used by people to calculate the premium on their own. A person can use these calculators to decide which plan to buy. It asks an applicant the basic information, regarding the name, age and number of dependents and then calculates the amount to be paid for the coverage. So, now a person can choose the right plan that suits his/her budget, without an agent’s assistance. These online premium calculators are user-friendly, and help people make the decision without needing in-depth knowledge on health insurance.
Besides this, a person can use premium comparative charts to know about the premium and coverage offered along with different plans.
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